Another Glass of Wine, Please!

You know?  Sometimes here … in this apartment … I feel that I have been removed of any responsibility.  I can have another glass of wine … I can do … or not do … dinner.   I just bought three pairs of capri pants … all white … $9.00 each … from JCPenney.   I have plenty jeans … but really no summer pants.   We did summers in Wisconsin … and I wore jeans!!!   I do have my second glass of wine here on my desk!!!

Haven’t told y’all how last Wednesday (the 15th) went.   You may have heard about the students shot at a school named “STEM” school … in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.   This school is very close to us … so I expected evidence of something at “my” school.  There were substitute teachers … and more security … but nothing else that I was aware of.   So, at 9:30 … the little ones came into the teaching room.  We immediately began to work on perimeter and adding fractions.   Time was supposed to be over at 10:00 … but the next four students did not come in … we checked their classroom … and it was empty.  I guessed that they had a substitute teacher, and our arithmetic was not on his/her schedule.   The four early  students “came back to our room” — and we continued working.   We had been doing one student at the board ,,, now, they wanted to work in pairs.  You know that was OK with me.  At 10:45 that morning… some bell rang … and they finished.  During all the time … from 9:30 until 10:45 ..those 4 students were adding fractions at the board … two girls at the board … two boys at the board …one girl, with the other monitoring .. one boy. with the other monitoring.  We finally ended up with all four students at the board … adding fractions.  It was wonderful.  I am thinking they will surely remember their work on perimeter and adding fractions.  We have area … and, obviously … multiplication of fractions … beginning tomorrow.   I do think I will spend time on perimeter and adding fractions with those who missed the class last Wednesday.

You do know … I related the story of my  students adding fractions … for 1 hour and 15 minutes … at the board every time some one was nice enough to listen!!!

Honestly, the rest of this week has been filled … but seems so quiet now.   Wednesday morning “class” was, again , just my one group.   I tried an introduction to area … mentioning multiplication of fractions.   They were “Oh, yes” … but “we” could not multiply fractions!  Lovely Amy, the person who has put together these 5th-grade penpals group activities … and my “teaching” … had arranged a picnic with the 5th graders and the Assisted Living people … “us” … and my little darlings were more interested in the picnic than in me and fractions!!!   The picnic was really good … loved seeing my “class” play!!!

Thursday afternoon got my hair frosted.   Have found a wonderful person here … but I do think it just looks as if I am covering up gray hair.   I keep telling myself to let it grow out!!!   Friday morning was Bridge … and Saturday afternoon. there was a party for a couple here who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  The wife, Katheryn, was suffering from past strokes, and John, her husband,  was taking care of her.  I always felt a “kinship” with them.

Lori and Mike are due in tomorrow afternoon.   Mike will cook dinner for us … including Craig … in their “bnb” tomorrow night.   It will be lovely wine and conversation … I am looking forward to it!!!


Love y’all.

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning!!

This past Wednesday … my first tutoring times … just seemed to become such a wonderful day … I was so excited after the teaching that everything was at such a “high level.”   I do not want to imply that other days are not wonderful … I am so very fortunate to be here.  But, this day jumped so far ahead!!!  I received a phone call around noon  … this same Wednesday … and it is Lori, and she and Mike will be visiting around May 20th.   This is Lori’s first visit since her father passed away … and I know it is going to be very difficult.  …  Received another phone call this same Wednesday … afternoon …  and very, very good friends from Illinois will be visiting this coming Monday or Tuesday .

So … how did the teaching go?   First … I really worried about getting to the school … I had to worry about something!!!   The van … complimentary transportation by the facility … was not available.  Amy was not responding to my texts … so  I called my Jim … I was even texting Jim at 12:37 AM to ask about a ride … I asked him if he could pick me up around 8:45 AM and take me to the school … and return me back to this complex around 10:45 or so.  Of course, at 8:45 AM, Amy and Jim are both waiting to take me to the school!!!     Amy takes me to the school … since I cannot remember where my “room” is!!!   And Jim will bring me home!!!

Amy gets me to my room … it is Room #133.   Of course … there is someone in “my” room … I know next time to wait in the entrance lobby!!!   Just a few minutes go by, and the other teacher goes with his students to another room … and my first group of four students come in … I introduce myself … “Katie Pedersen”  … and I get the first name of each of the students.  They have their copies of the problems … first problem ... “the perimeter of a rectangle.”     I had decided to start with adding just two fractions … and then a reminder about what “perimeter ” is!!!   I was so very lucky when one of the students agreed to go to the board.   In general the other students got 21/27 as the sum of the two fractions … beautiful!!! … and the same as the board.   I noticed that the “key”had reduced such numbers … and the students did not appear to know about reducing fractions.   We talked it through in a partial conversation.   (I have made a note that I want to do this many times so that they know reducing fractions by the end of our work.)

We were now ready to work the first problem on their paper:  find the perimeter … I asked them what perimeter was and got many answers such as “inside”, “outside”, distance, … They knew some words so we went with “distance around.”   I used my “imaginary red ribbon” to outline a rectangle on the board … listing the length of each side as we covered it by the “red ribbon” … their job was then to compute:  6/9 + 3/27 + 6/9 + 3/27 .   Student “B” did this on the board.   Other students worked at their seats.  We had moderate success!!!    It was, then, time to go … and I thanked the students for their time and for letting me spend the time with them — and they all thanked me.   They were darling…

The next group of four students came in … and we did basically what the first group did.  A beautiful student whom I knew from a previous activity volunteered to go to the board … and he really did a nice answer.   We did not get quite as far as the first group, but we have the same skills … for each class … to work on next time … reducing fractions and using the concept of perimeter.

I have done my best to describe how I saw my teaching go … it is difficult to describe.    I always get down to too fine of details.  You probably would believe how much I have erased!   I love the time with the students.    That is really my reward for doing this tutoring!!!  They know immediately that I like them … and that I enjoy the mathematics we are doing (well, sort of!).

That’s it … I will plan for next Wednesday!!  The van can take me.   And, I am so pleased with everything.

Love y’all.

It Is My Destiny!!!

It Is My Destiny!!   To teach “little biddies”  how to ADD FRACTIONS!!!

Today is Monday.  This coming Wednesday … at 9:30 AM … I meet with 4 fifth graders to “teach” them how to add fractions!!!   Seriously.   I remember … sometime in the past … I think in one of my essays … I indicated that I wanted to volunteer some help in an elementary classroom … BUT, I did not want to teach “How to add fractions.”   And, here I am:  Thrilled with the task of working on fractions with four 5th graders … from 9:30 to 10:00  on Wednesday and 4 different fifth graders … again, fractions … from 10:00 to 10:30 AM, also on Wednesday!!!

Just picture all my “fate” lines coming together at one point … the point being my working with students teaching them how to add fractions … obviously, there was no other possible endpoint!!!

Go back to about September or October of 2018 … just this past year.   Pete and I were comfortably situated in this assisted living complex.   With the help that was being given to Pete, I thought that I could do some volunteer work … just one afternoon a week.   It took some time, but I finally obtained a list of some “close-by”  elementary schools.   I set up a schedule to visit a couple elementary schools … wrote the Denver School System … just in case … and arranged for a visit to one school … Craig went with me … OK … but the office person in charge looked at me and said, “I suppose you could help in the library.”   I think I indicated I wanted to help with their math … she wrote something down, and Craig and I left.   That had to be middle of October because by the end of October, I had fallen and broken my knee-cap.   It was two days after Christmas when I was finally allowed to take my brace off!!   There was certainly not going to be any tutoring that Fall semester!!!

I was ten weeks with my knee brace … and after that, I was very weak.   The Physical Therapy helped a lot, but I was so off-balance.  Amy, our PR person, had started a program with 5th graders at Rose Stein Elementary School.   I think I mentioned to Amy about helping with some little ones … maybe helping little ones with “adding fractions” … I know there are students at any age level who can use help with fractions!!!   I had been thinking about students in grade 3 … Amy asked about using some of her fifth graders … any students and teachers if I can help.   Amy arranged a meeting between me and two of the 5th grade teachers for this past Friday afternoon.   The teachers came with their sheets of problems … adding fractions in the context of area and perimeter.   I beamed … that was perfect … they had specific problems to work — problems without answers for the students … and a key for me!!!   It looks like the fractions within any one problem have “related” denominators … and that the answers involve changing from “improper” fractions to “mixed” numbers.   (How’s that for pulling up vocabulary!!!)

So … this coming Wednesday, I begin my tutoring.  My “fate” lines converged!!!  I know it was Amy who put it together … and I am so appreciative.   I obviously have the time … I will greet the students with my cane in hand … I am so afraid of falling again!!!  The teachers did not seem to mind that here was this “old” woman with a cane who was going to work with their students.

I am so fortunate …  of course, I miss Pete … and teaching adding fractions is a poor substitute … but it gives me a connection to my past … and to my future.   It is “my destiny!!!”

Love y’all.






Katie’s Easter Letter!!!

Oh my Heavens!! There is nothing in this letter but about me!!!  I am writing this letter because “I NEED to write it!  Writing in this BLOG has become one of the softest ways of approaching my world.   I put the words down on paper … and I like the result!!!

I mentioned before that Craig and I did the daVinci Exhibit … I could, of course,  remember the ‘Mona Lisa” from daVinci … but I did not realize his many sketches of possible “engineering improvements.”  I think daVinci was quite interested in moving objects … by “power or water.”   Of course, as I saw the models … made by people other than daVinvi … I wondered if a group of high school students could make the models … you never leave teaching!!!   Had a great coffee break at the Museum … and did lunch after … Mexican!!!  So nice!!!

I am drinking too much coffee.  I walk into the apartment … and fix myself a cup of coffee … it gives me an immediate thing to do!

Did a lovely dinner out Wednesday of this week.   Kay … whose son, Jim,  will drive me to places … such as an “Uber” driver does … but he is a friend of the residents here … so it is really safe and convenient … anyway, Kay would  sit with Pete when I left during those last weeks.   I did not want Pete alone even with the assistants here.   After Pete’s passing, Kay and I made arrangements for dinner out … just to talk.   She had a recommendation for an “authentic” Mexican restaurant!  And, of course, it was difficult to find!   We did drive around it several times … not recognizing it as a restaurant!!!   The food was very good … and it was very much a family place!!!  Jim joined us later … and the conversation was good.

I am becoming a ” Colorado Rockies'” fan … Colorado Professional Baseball Team.  Score is 4 – 1 … Rockies’… top of the ninth … home game … two on base!!!   We shall see !!!  We have some fine young players.   I also follow the Colorado Broncos … our professional foot ball team.  Of course … I still follow my SAINTS …I miss popcorn in the middle of the Sunday football games!!

I knew I was coming close to some medical necessities … but I was using Pete as  excuse.

With Pete’s needing care, I did not want Craig to have both  Pete and me needing medical  care at the same time.  Have seen two independent … of each other .. ophthalmologists…and both found cataracts and glaucoma.   Will have surgery during the month of July ..with  one appointment middle of August.   I also knew my knees were  unhappy!”  Have seen  one orthopedist who surprised me by “diagnosing” my left hip as needing more immediate replacement.   I have another “orthopedic” appointment this Wednesday.   If both agree, I will do the left hip around this coming September or .  (I  have messed my alignment .. and cannot get things in place.)  That is September o

Happy Easter … Pardon the total fixation on my activities.

Love y’all.























“You Made My Day.”

This title sounds so familiar!!!  With Pete’s passing, I am remembering my mother through so many similar occurrences now.   Erin called me yesterday … Sunday … and I  wanted to say, “You made my day!!!” … just what my mother would say after a phone call to her.   My father had a heart attack at his age of 70 and passed away … my mother was 62 at that time … and spent the next 34 years alone.  Mother played bridge, did volunteer work at the church, and did volunteer work at the local hospital.

Erin is the grand who graduated from Boise State this past December.  She is doing part-time work and looking at next year.   Her undergrad degree is in business … and going to graduate school is entering her thoughts.   It really hit me when she commented that anymore a “Bachelor Degree is not enough!!!”  You will notice that I am extremely proud of each of the grands.   Erin’s call “made my day.”

Both Brenna and Mark called Saturday … this past Saturday.   They obviously “made my day!!!”   Brenna graduated from college two years ago … Chapman University … did a year teaching in Malaysia … and is now teaching music and dance to “four-hundred” 1st and 2nd graders in two different schools.   She loves the teaching of the little ones … forgetting about teaching them some structure patterns as well as dance!!!  I remember summer camps and such when you would have “four to five” little ones under each arm.  If Brenna does go into teaching, the teaching field will rise a notch in potential and talent!!!  Her call “made my day.”

You would have read earlier that Mark … our other grand … is a junior at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN.   He is rooming in an apartment with two other students who, I think, went to high school with him.   They are adding a fourth person this summer or next year … how is that for missing some detail!!!  Mark is a computer science major … is working at the University at the “Computer Help Desk” and really is enjoying it.   His call “made my day.”

Lori, our daughter, is in Fairfax, CA.  She has been doing a considerable amount of writing.   For her father, there is the following: … Good-Bye Dad

Lori:   “You made my day.”

Craig, our son, is here on Lakewood, CO.   He is the pivotal reason Pete and I came to Colorado after Pete’s fall/stroke.  Craig is coming in tomorrow and making arrangements … making decisions … on what can/should be done with Pete’s clothes, supplies … anything left in this apartment that should be handled appropriately.   He is taking me to doctors’ appointments … and to the DaVinci exhibit … and helping me with my taxes … and always giving me a hug.

Craig:  “You make my day.”

Love y’all







Franklin D Pedersen, “Pete”, Ph. D.

074Dr. Franklin D Pedersen, “Pete”, passed away March 29, 2019, at the Village of Belmar, Lakewood, CO.  Franklin was the last of seven children of Anton and Mary Green Pedersen.   His siblings were Jess, Margy (Christensen), Charles, Arthur, Maurine (Farnsworth), and Robert.  He was born in St. Paul, Nebraska, on February, 22, 1933.  He grew up in Nebraska and Iowa and graduated from Riverton (Iowa) High School in 1951.

Pete served in the U. S. Navy, 1951 – 1955.  He received several service awards and was honorably discharged.  He entered Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska, in 1955, and completed his undergraduate studies under the G. I. Bill.  Pete was awarded a Fellowship from the Department of Mathematics of Tulane University, New Orleans, LA., in 1959.  He received his Masters Degree in Mathematics in 1961 from Tulane University and received his Ph. D. in Mathematics in 1966 from Tulane University.  His dissertation involved the study of “Lattice Ordered Structures.”

Upon receiving his Ph. D. degree, Dr. Pedersen accepted a teaching and research position at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.  He published several papers in mathematics research journals.  Pete retired from Southern Illinois University in 1992.

In 1992, Pete moved to join his wife, Dr. Katherine Pedersen, in South Dakota.  The Drs. Pedersen moved to Hammond, LA. in 1997, and remained there until moving to Lakewood, CO., in 2018.

Pete is survived by his wife of 57 years, Dr. Katherine Pedersen, and two children, Craig Franklin Pedersen and Lorraine (Foley) Carroll.  He is survived by three grandchildren, Brenna, Erin, and Mark Foley, and several nieces and nephews.

A memorial service commemorating Pete’s life will be held at a later date.  Donations in his name may be made to the Department of Mathematics, Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska.

Just Thinking … Just Remembering …

It is still Saturday afternoon … late Saturday afternoon.  Pete passed yesterday morning.    I have just eaten a plate from today’s lunch.  Darling, lovely Mallery … a CNA here … brought me food … and it tasted so good!!!   By mid-afternoon, I had my hair washed … and I am here at my computer.   Everyone has been so kind … another flower delivery … with the added loveliness of the delivery person … who shared a message of support .. and wishing me all the time to just continue with Pete and his memories in my heart … it was so lovely.

Ate Saturday evening meal in the Village dining room.  Fellow residents were so lovely.  Most knew of Pete’s passing.  Many gave me hugs in addition to verbal expressions of sadness and good will.  This is a lovely place.  We all know we will lose a loved one in here … or pass on with greetings given to family members.   It is lovely … it is sincere.   I sat down and had a Reuben sandwich with a fellow bridge player… (I noticed I really like the word “lovely.”)

It is now Sunday afternoon … same week.  It does not seem possible that all of this has happened in the space of a little over two days.  Craig picked me up around 11:00 this morning, and we went to the mortuary to complete arrangements for Pete’s cremation.  These last arrangements were all done so nicely through the mortuary.  Craig and I left there discussing something written  … or not … on Pete’s urn. To continue the menu descriptions … Craig and I did Indian for lunch!!!

I am staying here … the Village at Belmar, Denver, Lakewood.  This has become my “neighborhood.”  I love the people here … staff and residents.  Pete and I collected so many memories … living with the growing children … seeing their wonderful talents develop.  Our coming around these last couple years … with Pete’s needs directing our lives … changes in our lives … and these changes enhancing our love for each other.

I am sort-of on a new path.  We shall see.  I do know that one of my thoughts was that I could now help those little 3rd or 5th graders with their fractions!!!  What a plan!!!

Love y’all  (Send your prayers and thoughts my way…)



I have been told…

I have been told that Pete is quite ill.  He has been in the hospital two weeks, and the congestion is still in his chest and bronchial passages.  We both have been fighting results of a cold or flu … but he has not been able to clear his chest on his own.   We have been told to put him in Hospice.

Put him in Hospice?   What does that mean?   Four very professional women visited our apartment Monday afternoon …(This is Wednesday.)  … A case manager, a nurse, a social worker, and a clergy member.   They see illnesses where I did not … I was told that they will take care of Pete from now on … meds,  he will stay in bed, food, watch his fingers and toes become blue from lack of oxygen … I cannot imagine someone telling me how to take care of Pete … telling me not to get him out of bed.  I do know they will probably be right … but he is my Pete!!!

This is difficult!!!

This is now Saturday afternoon … same week.  Yesterday morning … March 29th … between 5:20 AM and 7:45 AM … Pete passed away.  I had gone into his room around 5:20 and gave him kisses and hugs … and just sat beside his bed … my hand on his left side … just sitting there.   I then went back to my recliner and fell asleep.   Around 7:45, Village staff members came in … went to Pete’s bed.   After a short hesitation … one of them … and I don’t know whom …came to my chair and told me that she thought that “it looks as if Pete has passed.”

He had not moved from 5:20 … no evidence of enhanced motion or change … just silently passing away.  I do not know what to do … what to feel.  Hospice staff came in … Village staff came in … I sat by his bed … holding his hand and arm … I just sat there in my red flannel pajamas and bedroom slippers covered with travel logos … and trimmed with pink “fur.”   About 11:00 AM, Craig suggested that I might want to get dressed!!!!

What do you write in a BLOG … when your husband of 57 years, 7 months, and 16 days passes away?   We could check that arithmetic, but I don’t care if it is correct!!!  It is sufficient enough to think it out and write it into this BLOG.   The mortuary came mid-afternoon … and very nicely removed his  body.  His body was draped with a beautiful American flag … commemorating his years in the Navy —- 1951 — 1955 .  I think this might be too much detail for some readers … sorry.  That said … Craig and I did Mexican for dinner … with a good Margarita!!!

We knew Pete was quite sick … regardless … it was too soon.


A Big Hug!!!

My last entry in this BLOG was over a month ago … I knew that without even checking the date!!!  I also knew I wanted  to write something in this BLOG … but nothing came to my mind … but maybe, everything came to my mind.  It has been quite a month!!!

We have just, two hours ago, brought Pete home from the hospital!!!  He was admitted last Tuesday evening about 5:00, March 12th.   He was running  fever, and his chest and nasal passages were gurgling.  It took five hours of heavy antibodies to bring his fever down … 48 hours later … after “culturing his blood ” (don’t quote me medically!!!) the decision was “MERS” — combined with an outbreak of flu-like and cold-like episodes in this facility — and Pete’s extremely weak condition.   We were quarantined in our room as soon as I showed any cold-like symptoms.   Every caution was carried out — here and at the hospital.  I meant to take a picture of me in my blue plastic gown and gloves and in my white hospital mask every time I visited Pete.   The fever and MERS are gone … but he is still gurgling!   But We Are Home!!!   

The Title, A BIG HUG!!! is extremely up-to date!!    I mean NOW!!!   I rode home in the ambulance with Pete … Craig followed in his car … I received several hugs from Craig as we just watched the ambulance people take Pete from the ambulance and put him in his bed here.   I have to mention that it was a very professional job!!!   I did need hugs from the staff here!!!   I needed a hug from Ann … from “little” Mary … from Jack … from Barb and Denny … people from my past who could pull things together now.  I need this past month to be a part of my past … not a break in pattern.

Visited my sister, Carol, over this past month.   She and her husband are geographically closer to me during this time period than over the summer, so I spent time with them.  My brother and his wife, and our cousin, visited my sister part of the same time.   It was lovely.   Good conversation … good hugs!!!  My sister arranged four “cultural stand-outs” for our evening meals.  To be specific … sushi, cajon, Italian, and “sharables” with Asian, Italian, and “foodie chic” entrees.   Each meal with excellent choices of wine.   She did breakfasts, lunches, brunches at home for us!!!  Fabulous … my sister could write a menu planner based on her food choices for us … fabulous!!!

We are home.

Well…I spoke too soon.  At 4:00 PM today … Pete was again running a temp over 101 degrees.  The medical staff here, together with our P.A., felt strongly that he should return to the hospital.  Of course, I said “No.”  Then I realized that I wanted him here for me … not that it was the better situation for him.   By 6:00 P.M. he was back at the hospital… in the emergency room.   Craig had a meeting until 9:30 P.M. — and then he picked me up, and we visited Pete in an emergency room.   They are doing various tests on Pete … he seems relatively passive to the whole situation  As soon as they can, Pete will be transferred to an  intensive care room.  I am going to spend some time visiting him tomorrow … and we will work each day to include visits to Pete.   I think we did this last week!!!

Love y’all … sending “BIG HUGS” …

And, postponing the ending of this essay…

It was Monday of this week that Pete returned to the hospital.   It is now Wednesday evening of the same week.   Pete has been in intensive care this week ,,, I just returned from the hospital where they moved him to the general population,   He looks good … well, better … I think he was a little confused by the room change … but he has no fever, and he has been holding his oxygen level.   Those were our top concerns.

Tomorrow afternoon, Craig and I get me … I hope … a Colorado driving license … not to drive … but to get a handicapped sticker in Colorado!!!!  Yes and if all goes right, we visit Pete again.  (I have finished 1 1/2 books sitting with Pete !!!)

I will end this essay.  All of you readers do know that this BLOG keeps me closer to all of you.  Received the most beautiful note today from one of our granddaughters …  including a BIG HUG.  

To all of you …sending more BIG HUGS

Love y’all …


Aging Gracefully (Peg, 2019)

I am starting “the next essay.”   I do not have a “topic” … I do not have a “title” for this essay.   I have a series of non connected events… most of which have just popped in my mind these last few days.   For several days I was in a very down mood … I kept thinking of the lake and of Louisiana … and I just wanted the “all is OK feelings” that both gave me … especially being at the lake.  Being at the lake was eating out, no papers, just enjoying the beautiful view of the lake and our yard.    Of course, this is an idolized idea of the lake … and also of Louisiana.   I wanted to go out for Pizza in the middle of the Super Bowl; I wanted Pete to fix popcorn …  and  NONE of that happened … NONE … NONE.  I did not expect it to but I wanted it!!!

As usual, I came out of my “downard.”   I talked myself out of it!   First,  they are taking very good care of Pete.   This is evident in every shower … in every change of bed linens … in every dressing him in the morning … in their favorite shirt!!!   Second … there is no place to go … “there is no place to go.”   Boy … that surely hits you!   Third … someone is preparing every meal and cleaning up afterwards … maybe “corn beef hash”  would not be on my menu for breakfast … but I can have eggs and bacon and a “chocolate croissant.”   Way to go!!!

I really enjoy the bridge people.  One of our members will be 100 years old this March 26th.  100 years old!!!   And he is one of our best bridge players.  He was a pilot in WWII.   I keep trying to remember to take pictures of the bridge group people.   You

bridge1 166

bridge1 167would enjoy them!!!    (I took some pictures today … Feb. 5th)  I will do my best to get them into this BLOG … sometime!!  I have managed to get two of the pictures of bridge players inserted into this essay.  The person on the left is Willis; George is on the right.  If I could begin to manage where exactly is the space the inserts are using, I think I could prevent these large “white” gaps!!!!

Craig is a delight.  As I noted, he did retire January 3rd.   He is currently applying for a faculty position at Red Rocks Community College.   Last Friday, a week … when my hair appointment was cancelled … he and I did coffee and discussed mathematics.   It was a good 2 hours … and was great.  We settled on series and sequences as a topic a CC might be interested in.  He will have to do some 10 minute lecture on a topic they assign.  It may be without any time to prepare … we do not know.

And, what is Pete doing during this time … sleeping, usually … he can stay awake through mornings, but he is now going down for a nap about noon and sleeping until 4 or 5.   It is all the meds he is being given.  And, I am thinking of putting the morning full antivan back.   I am so thrilled with his clear eyes without the full antivan … but he is really anxious in the mornings.  We are having trouble getting some consistent physical therapy for him.  The quarantine really took away four of his scheduled lessons … and he needs everyone!!!

See … I told you … the ramblings of an old woman!!!    Can I use that as a title???   Better still … Peg, one of our bridge players, when asked, “How are you?” ,  answers, “I am aging gracefully.”

Love y’all.