I have been told…

I have been told that Pete is quite ill.  He has been in the hospital two weeks, and the congestion is still in his chest and bronchial passages.  We both have been fighting results of a cold or flu … but he has not been able to clear his chest on his own.   We have been told to put him in Hospice.

Put him in Hospice?   What does that mean?   Four very professional women visited our apartment Monday afternoon …(This is Wednesday.)  … A case manager, a nurse, a social worker, and a clergy member.   They see illnesses where I did not … I was told that they will take care of Pete from now on … meds,  he will stay in bed, food, watch his fingers and toes become blue from lack of oxygen … I cannot imagine someone telling me how to take care of Pete … telling me not to get him out of bed.  I do know they will probably be right … but he is my Pete!!!

This is difficult!!!

This is now Saturday afternoon … same week.  Yesterday morning … March 29th … between 5:20 AM and 7:45 AM … Pete passed away.  I had gone into his room around 5:20 and gave him kisses and hugs … and just sat beside his bed … my hand on his left side … just sitting there.   I then went back to my recliner and fell asleep.   Around 7:45, Village staff members came in … went to Pete’s bed.   After a short hesitation … one of them … and I don’t know whom …came to my chair and told me that she thought that “it looks as if Pete has passed.”

He had not moved from 5:20 … no evidence of enhanced motion or change … just silently passing away.  I do not know what to do … what to feel.  Hospice staff came in … Village staff came in … I sat by his bed … holding his hand and arm … I just sat there in my red flannel pajamas and bedroom slippers covered with travel logos … and trimmed with pink “fur.”   About 11:00 AM, Craig suggested that I might want to get dressed!!!!

What do you write in a BLOG … when your husband of 57 years, 7 months, and 16 days passes away?   We could check that arithmetic, but I don’t care if it is correct!!!  It is sufficient enough to think it out and write it into this BLOG.   The mortuary came mid-afternoon … and very nicely removed his  body.  His body was draped with a beautiful American flag … commemorating his years in the Navy —- 1951 — 1955 .  I think this might be too much detail for some readers … sorry.  That said … Craig and I did Mexican for dinner … with a good Margarita!!!

We knew Pete was quite sick … regardless … it was too soon.


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