Good Morning!!!

Good Morning!!

This past Wednesday … my first tutoring times … just seemed to become such a wonderful day … I was so excited after the teaching that everything was at such a “high level.”   I do not want to imply that other days are not wonderful … I am so very fortunate to be here.  But, this day jumped so far ahead!!!  I received a phone call around noon  … this same Wednesday … and it is Lori, and she and Mike will be visiting around May 20th.   This is Lori’s first visit since her father passed away … and I know it is going to be very difficult.  …  Received another phone call this same Wednesday … afternoon …  and very, very good friends from Illinois will be visiting this coming Monday or Tuesday .

So … how did the teaching go?   First … I really worried about getting to the school … I had to worry about something!!!   The van … complimentary transportation by the facility … was not available.  Amy was not responding to my texts … so  I called my Jim … I was even texting Jim at 12:37 AM to ask about a ride … I asked him if he could pick me up around 8:45 AM and take me to the school … and return me back to this complex around 10:45 or so.  Of course, at 8:45 AM, Amy and Jim are both waiting to take me to the school!!!     Amy takes me to the school … since I cannot remember where my “room” is!!!   And Jim will bring me home!!!

Amy gets me to my room … it is Room #133.   Of course … there is someone in “my” room … I know next time to wait in the entrance lobby!!!   Just a few minutes go by, and the other teacher goes with his students to another room … and my first group of four students come in … I introduce myself … “Katie Pedersen”  … and I get the first name of each of the students.  They have their copies of the problems … first problem ... “the perimeter of a rectangle.”     I had decided to start with adding just two fractions … and then a reminder about what “perimeter ” is!!!   I was so very lucky when one of the students agreed to go to the board.   In general the other students got 21/27 as the sum of the two fractions … beautiful!!! … and the same as the board.   I noticed that the “key”had reduced such numbers … and the students did not appear to know about reducing fractions.   We talked it through in a partial conversation.   (I have made a note that I want to do this many times so that they know reducing fractions by the end of our work.)

We were now ready to work the first problem on their paper:  find the perimeter … I asked them what perimeter was and got many answers such as “inside”, “outside”, distance, … They knew some words so we went with “distance around.”   I used my “imaginary red ribbon” to outline a rectangle on the board … listing the length of each side as we covered it by the “red ribbon” … their job was then to compute:  6/9 + 3/27 + 6/9 + 3/27 .   Student “B” did this on the board.   Other students worked at their seats.  We had moderate success!!!    It was, then, time to go … and I thanked the students for their time and for letting me spend the time with them — and they all thanked me.   They were darling…

The next group of four students came in … and we did basically what the first group did.  A beautiful student whom I knew from a previous activity volunteered to go to the board … and he really did a nice answer.   We did not get quite as far as the first group, but we have the same skills … for each class … to work on next time … reducing fractions and using the concept of perimeter.

I have done my best to describe how I saw my teaching go … it is difficult to describe.    I always get down to too fine of details.  You probably would believe how much I have erased!   I love the time with the students.    That is really my reward for doing this tutoring!!!  They know immediately that I like them … and that I enjoy the mathematics we are doing (well, sort of!).

That’s it … I will plan for next Wednesday!!  The van can take me.   And, I am so pleased with everything.

Love y’all.

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