Just Thinking … Just Remembering …

It is still Saturday afternoon … late Saturday afternoon.  Pete passed yesterday morning.    I have just eaten a plate from today’s lunch.  Darling, lovely Mallery … a CNA here … brought me food … and it tasted so good!!!   By mid-afternoon, I had my hair washed … and I am here at my computer.   Everyone has been so kind … another flower delivery … with the added loveliness of the delivery person … who shared a message of support .. and wishing me all the time to just continue with Pete and his memories in my heart … it was so lovely.

Ate Saturday evening meal in the Village dining room.  Fellow residents were so lovely.  Most knew of Pete’s passing.  Many gave me hugs in addition to verbal expressions of sadness and good will.  This is a lovely place.  We all know we will lose a loved one in here … or pass on with greetings given to family members.   It is lovely … it is sincere.   I sat down and had a Reuben sandwich with a fellow bridge player… (I noticed I really like the word “lovely.”)

It is now Sunday afternoon … same week.  It does not seem possible that all of this has happened in the space of a little over two days.  Craig picked me up around 11:00 this morning, and we went to the mortuary to complete arrangements for Pete’s cremation.  These last arrangements were all done so nicely through the mortuary.  Craig and I left there discussing something written  … or not … on Pete’s urn. To continue the menu descriptions … Craig and I did Indian for lunch!!!

I am staying here … the Village at Belmar, Denver, Lakewood.  This has become my “neighborhood.”  I love the people here … staff and residents.  Pete and I collected so many memories … living with the growing children … seeing their wonderful talents develop.  Our coming around these last couple years … with Pete’s needs directing our lives … changes in our lives … and these changes enhancing our love for each other.

I am sort-of on a new path.  We shall see.  I do know that one of my thoughts was that I could now help those little 3rd or 5th graders with their fractions!!!  What a plan!!!

Love y’all  (Send your prayers and thoughts my way…)



4 thoughts on “Just Thinking … Just Remembering …”

  1. I am so sorry, Katie. I love you and Pete so much. You were so helpful to me after my mother’s passing. I wish that I was close by to be there for you now. Hugs from across the country.


  2. Dear Katie— I just read your April 1 entry, and offer my very deep sympathy to you on Pete’s passing. It was so good that you were with him during these final weeks–and next to him as the end finally arrived. I admire your ability to express and describe the situations, and your own feelings and reactions to them. I think it’s been helpful for you, and I know all your friends, family and readers have appreciated reading the entries. I can’t seem to find the last posting I made to you–about my son who lived in Arvada and made a very abrupt move with his 4-year-old daughter–here to Missouri. At any rate, they’re getting settled very quickly in Union, in the house with my former wife, her husband and our three grandchildren. More on that later. I had a death in my own family–a cousin just 10 months older than I. He had a severe stroke in early December, and wasn’t treated until about 10 hours after it happened. He was 95% paralyzed, and in very devastated condition. I visited him weekly–in the hospital, in rehab, then again in the ICU. He passed–respiratory failure–a month ago today. I can assure you that it frightens me to think of what a stroke can do! I’ll pause at this point, Katie, and offer my prayers for Pete’s rest, for your family, and for your own peace and acceptance of the challenges that have come before you. Bob


    1. Bob…So many thanks on your comments. I find myself not knowing what to do…I am used to walking into Pete’s room as I come into the apartment … and no one.
      Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.


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