Katie’s Easter Letter!!!

Oh my Heavens!! There is nothing in this letter but about me!!!  I am writing this letter because “I NEED to write it!  Writing in this BLOG has become one of the softest ways of approaching my world.   I put the words down on paper … and I like the result!!!

I mentioned before that Craig and I did the daVinci Exhibit … I could, of course,  remember the ‘Mona Lisa” from daVinci … but I did not realize his many sketches of possible “engineering improvements.”  I think daVinci was quite interested in moving objects … by “power or water.”   Of course, as I saw the models … made by people other than daVinvi … I wondered if a group of high school students could make the models … you never leave teaching!!!   Had a great coffee break at the Museum … and did lunch after … Mexican!!!  So nice!!!

I am drinking too much coffee.  I walk into the apartment … and fix myself a cup of coffee … it gives me an immediate thing to do!

Did a lovely dinner out Wednesday of this week.   Kay … whose son, Jim,  will drive me to places … such as an “Uber” driver does … but he is a friend of the residents here … so it is really safe and convenient … anyway, Kay would  sit with Pete when I left during those last weeks.   I did not want Pete alone even with the assistants here.   After Pete’s passing, Kay and I made arrangements for dinner out … just to talk.   She had a recommendation for an “authentic” Mexican restaurant!  And, of course, it was difficult to find!   We did drive around it several times … not recognizing it as a restaurant!!!   The food was very good … and it was very much a family place!!!  Jim joined us later … and the conversation was good.

I am becoming a ” Colorado Rockies'” fan … Colorado Professional Baseball Team.  Score is 4 – 1 … Rockies’… top of the ninth … home game … two on base!!!   We shall see !!!  We have some fine young players.   I also follow the Colorado Broncos … our professional foot ball team.  Of course … I still follow my SAINTS …I miss popcorn in the middle of the Sunday football games!!

I knew I was coming close to some medical necessities … but I was using Pete as  excuse.

With Pete’s needing care, I did not want Craig to have both  Pete and me needing medical  care at the same time.  Have seen two independent … of each other .. ophthalmologists…and both found cataracts and glaucoma.   Will have surgery during the month of July ..with  one appointment middle of August.   I also knew my knees were  unhappy!”  Have seen  one orthopedist who surprised me by “diagnosing” my left hip as needing more immediate replacement.   I have another “orthopedic” appointment this Wednesday.   If both agree, I will do the left hip around this coming September or .  (I  have messed my alignment .. and cannot get things in place.)  That is September o

Happy Easter … Pardon the total fixation on my activities.

Love y’all.























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