July 14, 1961; July 20, 1969; June 12, 2019

July 14, 1961:  Pete and I were married in the Loyola Catholic Church on the Loyola Campus … right next to Tulane’s campus.   4:30 in the afternoon.   That makes today our 58th anniversary.

July 20, 1969:   The Landing on the Moon … Pete and I, and Lori and Craig, were in our cabin near Dannebrog, Nebraska … on a lake that was an irrigation lake for area  Nebraska farmers.   Pete and a local contractor built a really nice cabin … screened in front porch, kitchen, bedroom, bath and a ” large” living room on the first floor … and a loft area bedroom for Lori and Craig.  It was July 20, 1969 … the children were asleep. and Pete and I were laying tile in the living room … and watching the moon landing on our little black and white TV.   I seem to remember the landing was during the early part of the night … maybe 10 – 12 PM.   We clearly saw the landing and heard the words of Neil Armstrong (I think).   And,  I kicked over the can of glue we were using for the floor  … I do not remember Pete being as perturbed as I was with the mess …  I don’t remember if we finished the tiling that night … but soon did and continued to spend a summer or two in Nebraska … on an irrigation lake that was needed by the farmers every summer!!!

June 12, 2019:   Left hip replacement surgery … it is now 5 weeks and 6 days since my hip replacement surgery … and the hip is wonderful.  It really does not hurt when I walk or anything,   Nurses have even commented positively on the perfect scar.   That does not mean these almost 6 weeks have been without pain.  My plan was to come home immediately after surgery … but I went to a “re-hab” place because our P.A. said I was not ready to basically know what I needed … and she was right.   I do not ever remember such pain as when I put my weight on the “new” hip.    I have been told that I was probably not a good patient during those days right after my surgery and also in re-hab.  Some 5-7 days in re-hab , and I had to somehow walk … and I did … and it HURT!!!   Two weeks in rehab. and Craig and I were both ready for me to go home.   I went home on a Thursday afternoon … Friday and Saturday passed nicely with my getting use to my walker being my companion.   Sunday morning, I am watching television, and walk about three steps to get a different pair of glasses… without my walker — and promptly fall backwards … catching myself with my right hand!!!   I call for help … get back to my chair — and the staff calls for someone to x-ray my right hand.   It is not broken … but it hurts!!!   I am just now feeling a little less pain in my right hand!!!   Up till almost now, I could not figure out if my hand hurt or if it was my new hip … HORRIBLE!!!  As I said before, the hip is really alright … but the right hand still hurts.   My recovery is really just now looking toward what I would consider an improvement.   Craig comes daily to walk with me … my exercise.   This past Monday, Craig and i did lunch out … and did a marvelous coffee yesterday.   I have my walker with me always.   Did my first post-op with my Doctor this past Tuesday … and hip looks just great.  Strict orders … “walker for at least a month more” … I have already learned my lesson … and “do not touch my toes for another month!”

I think I have made it … will probably think twice about any knee replacements!!!

Love y’allam watching Hurricane Barry.

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