There are days … not many … but some:

One of those days … today …right now!!!

I am just down … I am thinking of Pete and our Louisiana home … and  am also realizing that I am thinking of the “Louisiana Home” and Pete before his fall/stroke.   I know that what I am thinking does not exist anymore.

Cheryl and Al visited yesterday (May 28th) … Cheryl took me totally out of yesterday’s down … contacting our dear friend, Diane, and talking for ever … and ending with the thought of the three of us meeting somewhere next year … we used to meet at math conferences … and used them to set the stage for so many good memories!!!!   Yes, we must do that again!!!   

It is two weeks until my left hip replacement.   Seriously … the left hip hurts so much … I will also have surgery on my eyes, … cataracts and glaucoma … I have put that off until September or October … this year.  Craig and I will do the “pre-op” for the hip replacement tomorrow afternoon.   I am so thankful he is here … or, should I say … I am HERE!! 

I had thought three of us — from the Assisted Living residents — would do lunch out today … but, I did not reserve a car … I know I am probably too late for a car anyway!!!  So we are going to meet in my apartment and just talk.   Toni does not feel well, and Kathleen’s husband passed away about a week-and-a-half ago.   And … I am sure I can use a glass of wine after lunch!!!  And, wine is much better with friends .

I am not sure the following little “incident” is really funny … or an insult.   I have rethought it many times … and I knew I had to share it whenever I was writing an “odds-and-ends” essay!!!  (That is how I think of these BLOG-essays with no specific topic !!!)  I have been a resident here about a year-and-a-half.  I assumed the staff who took care of the residents knew that I was here because of Pete.  I walk around both the third and second floors for exercise.   My apartment is on the second floor.   I had finished lunch … dining room on the third floor … and I just decided to walk around the third floor since I was already there.  I guess I walked one or two times around the third floor … when a darling little CNA (HELPER STAFF) came up to me and said, Mrs. Pedersen, this is the third floor.  Your room is on the second.”   Have I been here so long that I have “morphed” into someone who behaves as if I do not know where my room is??? 

I am probably getting closer to that description of a resident than I think … just finished lunch … Sunday of this same week … I am thinking that I might need to change where I am living   …  Craig has reminded me that I have many options open.   Right now, all I can think of is  Louisiana before Pete’s fall.   Maybe after I finish my surgeries — if all goes well … hip, eyes … I will do my left knee next spring … and then I will find a place more conducive to my needs … which I hope will be in the line of my doing teaching or such.

If you haven’t guessed, I am quite uncertain about everything except my surgeries.  Let me share my Mother’s Day card from Craig …   I  almost cried … it could have come from Pete!!!

Trying to share Craig’s Mother’s Day card to me is what has delayed this “essay” so long … I have the pictures of both sides of the card … but I cannot remember how to insert a “picture” in this essay …So … as word descriptions … On the front is a picture of two cats — with rolling button eyes :



It was Pete!!

Love y’all

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