“You Made My Day.”

This title sounds so familiar!!!  With Pete’s passing, I am remembering my mother through so many similar occurrences now.   Erin called me yesterday … Sunday … and I  wanted to say, “You made my day!!!” … just what my mother would say after a phone call to her.   My father had a heart attack at his age of 70 and passed away … my mother was 62 at that time … and spent the next 34 years alone.  Mother played bridge, did volunteer work at the church, and did volunteer work at the local hospital.

Erin is the grand who graduated from Boise State this past December.  She is doing part-time work and looking at next year.   Her undergrad degree is in business … and going to graduate school is entering her thoughts.   It really hit me when she commented that anymore a “Bachelor Degree is not enough!!!”  You will notice that I am extremely proud of each of the grands.   Erin’s call “made my day.”

Both Brenna and Mark called Saturday … this past Saturday.   They obviously “made my day!!!”   Brenna graduated from college two years ago … Chapman University … did a year teaching in Malaysia … and is now teaching music and dance to “four-hundred” 1st and 2nd graders in two different schools.   She loves the teaching of the little ones … forgetting about teaching them some structure patterns as well as dance!!!  I remember summer camps and such when you would have “four to five” little ones under each arm.  If Brenna does go into teaching, the teaching field will rise a notch in potential and talent!!!  Her call “made my day.”

You would have read earlier that Mark … our other grand … is a junior at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN.   He is rooming in an apartment with two other students who, I think, went to high school with him.   They are adding a fourth person this summer or next year … how is that for missing some detail!!!  Mark is a computer science major … is working at the University at the “Computer Help Desk” and really is enjoying it.   His call “made my day.”

Lori, our daughter, is in Fairfax, CA.  She has been doing a considerable amount of writing.   For her father, there is the following:

https://www.1dropoflove.net/blog/2019/4/2/when-earth-looses-pleasure-for-us … Good-Bye Dad

Lori:   “You made my day.”

Craig, our son, is here on Lakewood, CO.   He is the pivotal reason Pete and I came to Colorado after Pete’s fall/stroke.  Craig is coming in tomorrow and making arrangements … making decisions … on what can/should be done with Pete’s clothes, supplies … anything left in this apartment that should be handled appropriately.   He is taking me to doctors’ appointments … and to the DaVinci exhibit … and helping me with my taxes … and always giving me a hug.

Craig:  “You make my day.”

Love y’all







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