What do I do?

What do I do tonight???   The baseball Colorado Rockies’ game with/at Washington (DC) has been postponed because of weather … the Rockies’ games are my first choice for evening television.   So … I optioned to return to my BLOG to share this most uninteresting time of my day!!!  I can see on the patio below my window a beautiful friend … Katherine with a “K” — name spelled same as mine … sitting with her husband … second … just enjoying the evening.   “Katherine with a “K” is 99 years old.  She is just lovely … her husband is 70-something … I think.

What to I do these next few years?   My hip has healed so well … my eye surgery is this August.  I am staying in the apartment Pete and I shared until that is all over.   Am I going to do a left knee replacement?   I don’t know  as long as I might do some surgery, I will stay here … so I can have their staff help me.   But … what if I get in reasonably good shape?   I know I have been through this argument/discussion before … I am closer to it now.  Tomorrow afternoon Craig and I are going to a relatively new Assisted Living place ... just to see it.   The only other place I really know is the one Pete and I stayed in  before this one … and that is certainly not a good comparison.   Four of our bridge players from here have moved to the one we are going to see.

Do I want another assisted living???   I know Craig and I both realize the merits of being “home” if I need medical help!!!  But … I really feel now … right now … that I am morphing into someone who needs assisted living.   The population here is probably 90 % in need of help … right now that is bothering me.   I would love a good dinner conversation … There is sometimes a good conversation about the “food”  but I really do not remember any other topic that gave me a few comments that followed each other!!!  So … do I choose an independent living arrangement … basically a condo where some minimal services are included.   I think I could handle an independent living arrangement associated with this complex … because I already know people there.    I do not want to shop for my food … nor fix my food!!!   I like so much the idea of getting to know even better the people who live in the independent part of this complex.   But … no medical services are provided in the independent part of this complex.   What do I do? 

I am in the same apartment Pete and I were in … what was really his room is really not used.   I like the two bedrooms and my “huge” living room.  I do not want to move.  Would I take a two bedroom apartment somewhere else???   Would I take a one bedroom apartment?   With a big living room???   Craig and I will look at an Assisted Living / Independent complex tomorrow … it is good to get ideas!

Love y’all.

July 14, 1961; July 20, 1969; June 12, 2019

July 14, 1961:  Pete and I were married in the Loyola Catholic Church on the Loyola Campus … right next to Tulane’s campus.   4:30 in the afternoon.   That makes today our 58th anniversary.

July 20, 1969:   The Landing on the Moon … Pete and I, and Lori and Craig, were in our cabin near Dannebrog, Nebraska … on a lake that was an irrigation lake for area  Nebraska farmers.   Pete and a local contractor built a really nice cabin … screened in front porch, kitchen, bedroom, bath and a ” large” living room on the first floor … and a loft area bedroom for Lori and Craig.  It was July 20, 1969 … the children were asleep. and Pete and I were laying tile in the living room … and watching the moon landing on our little black and white TV.   I seem to remember the landing was during the early part of the night … maybe 10 – 12 PM.   We clearly saw the landing and heard the words of Neil Armstrong (I think).   And,  I kicked over the can of glue we were using for the floor  … I do not remember Pete being as perturbed as I was with the mess …  I don’t remember if we finished the tiling that night … but soon did and continued to spend a summer or two in Nebraska … on an irrigation lake that was needed by the farmers every summer!!!

June 12, 2019:   Left hip replacement surgery … it is now 5 weeks and 6 days since my hip replacement surgery … and the hip is wonderful.  It really does not hurt when I walk or anything,   Nurses have even commented positively on the perfect scar.   That does not mean these almost 6 weeks have been without pain.  My plan was to come home immediately after surgery … but I went to a “re-hab” place because our P.A. said I was not ready to basically know what I needed … and she was right.   I do not ever remember such pain as when I put my weight on the “new” hip.    I have been told that I was probably not a good patient during those days right after my surgery and also in re-hab.  Some 5-7 days in re-hab , and I had to somehow walk … and I did … and it HURT!!!   Two weeks in rehab. and Craig and I were both ready for me to go home.   I went home on a Thursday afternoon … Friday and Saturday passed nicely with my getting use to my walker being my companion.   Sunday morning, I am watching television, and walk about three steps to get a different pair of glasses… without my walker — and promptly fall backwards … catching myself with my right hand!!!   I call for help … get back to my chair — and the staff calls for someone to x-ray my right hand.   It is not broken … but it hurts!!!   I am just now feeling a little less pain in my right hand!!!   Up till almost now, I could not figure out if my hand hurt or if it was my new hip … HORRIBLE!!!  As I said before, the hip is really alright … but the right hand still hurts.   My recovery is really just now looking toward what I would consider an improvement.   Craig comes daily to walk with me … my exercise.   This past Monday, Craig and i did lunch out … and did a marvelous coffee yesterday.   I have my walker with me always.   Did my first post-op with my Doctor this past Tuesday … and hip looks just great.  Strict orders … “walker for at least a month more” … I have already learned my lesson … and “do not touch my toes for another month!”

I think I have made it … will probably think twice about any knee replacements!!!

Love y’allam watching Hurricane Barry.

There are days … not many … but some:

One of those days … today …right now!!!

I am just down … I am thinking of Pete and our Louisiana home … and  am also realizing that I am thinking of the “Louisiana Home” and Pete before his fall/stroke.   I know that what I am thinking does not exist anymore.

Cheryl and Al visited yesterday (May 28th) … Cheryl took me totally out of yesterday’s down … contacting our dear friend, Diane, and talking for ever … and ending with the thought of the three of us meeting somewhere next year … we used to meet at math conferences … and used them to set the stage for so many good memories!!!!   Yes, we must do that again!!!   

It is two weeks until my left hip replacement.   Seriously … the left hip hurts so much … I will also have surgery on my eyes, … cataracts and glaucoma … I have put that off until September or October … this year.  Craig and I will do the “pre-op” for the hip replacement tomorrow afternoon.   I am so thankful he is here … or, should I say … I am HERE!! 

I had thought three of us — from the Assisted Living residents — would do lunch out today … but, I did not reserve a car … I know I am probably too late for a car anyway!!!  So we are going to meet in my apartment and just talk.   Toni does not feel well, and Kathleen’s husband passed away about a week-and-a-half ago.   And … I am sure I can use a glass of wine after lunch!!!  And, wine is much better with friends .

I am not sure the following little “incident” is really funny … or an insult.   I have rethought it many times … and I knew I had to share it whenever I was writing an “odds-and-ends” essay!!!  (That is how I think of these BLOG-essays with no specific topic !!!)  I have been a resident here about a year-and-a-half.  I assumed the staff who took care of the residents knew that I was here because of Pete.  I walk around both the third and second floors for exercise.   My apartment is on the second floor.   I had finished lunch … dining room on the third floor … and I just decided to walk around the third floor since I was already there.  I guess I walked one or two times around the third floor … when a darling little CNA (HELPER STAFF) came up to me and said, Mrs. Pedersen, this is the third floor.  Your room is on the second.”   Have I been here so long that I have “morphed” into someone who behaves as if I do not know where my room is??? 

I am probably getting closer to that description of a resident than I think … just finished lunch … Sunday of this same week … I am thinking that I might need to change where I am living   …  Craig has reminded me that I have many options open.   Right now, all I can think of is  Louisiana before Pete’s fall.   Maybe after I finish my surgeries — if all goes well … hip, eyes … I will do my left knee next spring … and then I will find a place more conducive to my needs … which I hope will be in the line of my doing teaching or such.

If you haven’t guessed, I am quite uncertain about everything except my surgeries.  Let me share my Mother’s Day card from Craig …   I  almost cried … it could have come from Pete!!!

Trying to share Craig’s Mother’s Day card to me is what has delayed this “essay” so long … I have the pictures of both sides of the card … but I cannot remember how to insert a “picture” in this essay …So … as word descriptions … On the front is a picture of two cats — with rolling button eyes :



It was Pete!!

Love y’all

Another Glass of Wine, Please!

You know?  Sometimes here … in this apartment … I feel that I have been removed of any responsibility.  I can have another glass of wine … I can do … or not do … dinner.   I just bought three pairs of capri pants … all white … $9.00 each … from JCPenney.   I have plenty jeans … but really no summer pants.   We did summers in Wisconsin … and I wore jeans!!!   I do have my second glass of wine here on my desk!!!

Haven’t told y’all how last Wednesday (the 15th) went.   You may have heard about the students shot at a school named “STEM” school … in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.   This school is very close to us … so I expected evidence of something at “my” school.  There were substitute teachers … and more security … but nothing else that I was aware of.   So, at 9:30 … the little ones came into the teaching room.  We immediately began to work on perimeter and adding fractions.   Time was supposed to be over at 10:00 … but the next four students did not come in … we checked their classroom … and it was empty.  I guessed that they had a substitute teacher, and our arithmetic was not on his/her schedule.   The four early  students “came back to our room” — and we continued working.   We had been doing one student at the board ,,, now, they wanted to work in pairs.  You know that was OK with me.  At 10:45 that morning… some bell rang … and they finished.  During all the time … from 9:30 until 10:45 ..those 4 students were adding fractions at the board … two girls at the board … two boys at the board …one girl, with the other monitoring .. one boy. with the other monitoring.  We finally ended up with all four students at the board … adding fractions.  It was wonderful.  I am thinking they will surely remember their work on perimeter and adding fractions.  We have area … and, obviously … multiplication of fractions … beginning tomorrow.   I do think I will spend time on perimeter and adding fractions with those who missed the class last Wednesday.

You do know … I related the story of my  students adding fractions … for 1 hour and 15 minutes … at the board every time some one was nice enough to listen!!!

Honestly, the rest of this week has been filled … but seems so quiet now.   Wednesday morning “class” was, again , just my one group.   I tried an introduction to area … mentioning multiplication of fractions.   They were “Oh, yes” … but “we” could not multiply fractions!  Lovely Amy, the person who has put together these 5th-grade penpals group activities … and my “teaching” … had arranged a picnic with the 5th graders and the Assisted Living people … “us” … and my little darlings were more interested in the picnic than in me and fractions!!!   The picnic was really good … loved seeing my “class” play!!!

Thursday afternoon got my hair frosted.   Have found a wonderful person here … but I do think it just looks as if I am covering up gray hair.   I keep telling myself to let it grow out!!!   Friday morning was Bridge … and Saturday afternoon. there was a party for a couple here who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  The wife, Katheryn, was suffering from past strokes, and John, her husband,  was taking care of her.  I always felt a “kinship” with them.

Lori and Mike are due in tomorrow afternoon.   Mike will cook dinner for us … including Craig … in their “bnb” tomorrow night.   It will be lovely wine and conversation … I am looking forward to it!!!


Love y’all.

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning!!

This past Wednesday … my first tutoring times … just seemed to become such a wonderful day … I was so excited after the teaching that everything was at such a “high level.”   I do not want to imply that other days are not wonderful … I am so very fortunate to be here.  But, this day jumped so far ahead!!!  I received a phone call around noon  … this same Wednesday … and it is Lori, and she and Mike will be visiting around May 20th.   This is Lori’s first visit since her father passed away … and I know it is going to be very difficult.  …  Received another phone call this same Wednesday … afternoon …  and very, very good friends from Illinois will be visiting this coming Monday or Tuesday .

So … how did the teaching go?   First … I really worried about getting to the school … I had to worry about something!!!   The van … complimentary transportation by the facility … was not available.  Amy was not responding to my texts … so  I called my Jim … I was even texting Jim at 12:37 AM to ask about a ride … I asked him if he could pick me up around 8:45 AM and take me to the school … and return me back to this complex around 10:45 or so.  Of course, at 8:45 AM, Amy and Jim are both waiting to take me to the school!!!     Amy takes me to the school … since I cannot remember where my “room” is!!!   And Jim will bring me home!!!

Amy gets me to my room … it is Room #133.   Of course … there is someone in “my” room … I know next time to wait in the entrance lobby!!!   Just a few minutes go by, and the other teacher goes with his students to another room … and my first group of four students come in … I introduce myself … “Katie Pedersen”  … and I get the first name of each of the students.  They have their copies of the problems … first problem ... “the perimeter of a rectangle.”     I had decided to start with adding just two fractions … and then a reminder about what “perimeter ” is!!!   I was so very lucky when one of the students agreed to go to the board.   In general the other students got 21/27 as the sum of the two fractions … beautiful!!! … and the same as the board.   I noticed that the “key”had reduced such numbers … and the students did not appear to know about reducing fractions.   We talked it through in a partial conversation.   (I have made a note that I want to do this many times so that they know reducing fractions by the end of our work.)

We were now ready to work the first problem on their paper:  find the perimeter … I asked them what perimeter was and got many answers such as “inside”, “outside”, distance, … They knew some words so we went with “distance around.”   I used my “imaginary red ribbon” to outline a rectangle on the board … listing the length of each side as we covered it by the “red ribbon” … their job was then to compute:  6/9 + 3/27 + 6/9 + 3/27 .   Student “B” did this on the board.   Other students worked at their seats.  We had moderate success!!!    It was, then, time to go … and I thanked the students for their time and for letting me spend the time with them — and they all thanked me.   They were darling…

The next group of four students came in … and we did basically what the first group did.  A beautiful student whom I knew from a previous activity volunteered to go to the board … and he really did a nice answer.   We did not get quite as far as the first group, but we have the same skills … for each class … to work on next time … reducing fractions and using the concept of perimeter.

I have done my best to describe how I saw my teaching go … it is difficult to describe.    I always get down to too fine of details.  You probably would believe how much I have erased!   I love the time with the students.    That is really my reward for doing this tutoring!!!  They know immediately that I like them … and that I enjoy the mathematics we are doing (well, sort of!).

That’s it … I will plan for next Wednesday!!  The van can take me.   And, I am so pleased with everything.

Love y’all.

It Is My Destiny!!!

It Is My Destiny!!   To teach “little biddies”  how to ADD FRACTIONS!!!

Today is Monday.  This coming Wednesday … at 9:30 AM … I meet with 4 fifth graders to “teach” them how to add fractions!!!   Seriously.   I remember … sometime in the past … I think in one of my essays … I indicated that I wanted to volunteer some help in an elementary classroom … BUT, I did not want to teach “How to add fractions.”   And, here I am:  Thrilled with the task of working on fractions with four 5th graders … from 9:30 to 10:00  on Wednesday and 4 different fifth graders … again, fractions … from 10:00 to 10:30 AM, also on Wednesday!!!

Just picture all my “fate” lines coming together at one point … the point being my working with students teaching them how to add fractions … obviously, there was no other possible endpoint!!!

Go back to about September or October of 2018 … just this past year.   Pete and I were comfortably situated in this assisted living complex.   With the help that was being given to Pete, I thought that I could do some volunteer work … just one afternoon a week.   It took some time, but I finally obtained a list of some “close-by”  elementary schools.   I set up a schedule to visit a couple elementary schools … wrote the Denver School System … just in case … and arranged for a visit to one school … Craig went with me … OK … but the office person in charge looked at me and said, “I suppose you could help in the library.”   I think I indicated I wanted to help with their math … she wrote something down, and Craig and I left.   That had to be middle of October because by the end of October, I had fallen and broken my knee-cap.   It was two days after Christmas when I was finally allowed to take my brace off!!   There was certainly not going to be any tutoring that Fall semester!!!

I was ten weeks with my knee brace … and after that, I was very weak.   The Physical Therapy helped a lot, but I was so off-balance.  Amy, our PR person, had started a program with 5th graders at Rose Stein Elementary School.   I think I mentioned to Amy about helping with some little ones … maybe helping little ones with “adding fractions” … I know there are students at any age level who can use help with fractions!!!   I had been thinking about students in grade 3 … Amy asked about using some of her fifth graders … any students and teachers if I can help.   Amy arranged a meeting between me and two of the 5th grade teachers for this past Friday afternoon.   The teachers came with their sheets of problems … adding fractions in the context of area and perimeter.   I beamed … that was perfect … they had specific problems to work — problems without answers for the students … and a key for me!!!   It looks like the fractions within any one problem have “related” denominators … and that the answers involve changing from “improper” fractions to “mixed” numbers.   (How’s that for pulling up vocabulary!!!)

So … this coming Wednesday, I begin my tutoring.  My “fate” lines converged!!!  I know it was Amy who put it together … and I am so appreciative.   I obviously have the time … I will greet the students with my cane in hand … I am so afraid of falling again!!!  The teachers did not seem to mind that here was this “old” woman with a cane who was going to work with their students.

I am so fortunate …  of course, I miss Pete … and teaching adding fractions is a poor substitute … but it gives me a connection to my past … and to my future.   It is “my destiny!!!”

Love y’all.






Katie’s Easter Letter!!!

Oh my Heavens!! There is nothing in this letter but about me!!!  I am writing this letter because “I NEED to write it!  Writing in this BLOG has become one of the softest ways of approaching my world.   I put the words down on paper … and I like the result!!!

I mentioned before that Craig and I did the daVinci Exhibit … I could, of course,  remember the ‘Mona Lisa” from daVinci … but I did not realize his many sketches of possible “engineering improvements.”  I think daVinci was quite interested in moving objects … by “power or water.”   Of course, as I saw the models … made by people other than daVinvi … I wondered if a group of high school students could make the models … you never leave teaching!!!   Had a great coffee break at the Museum … and did lunch after … Mexican!!!  So nice!!!

I am drinking too much coffee.  I walk into the apartment … and fix myself a cup of coffee … it gives me an immediate thing to do!

Did a lovely dinner out Wednesday of this week.   Kay … whose son, Jim,  will drive me to places … such as an “Uber” driver does … but he is a friend of the residents here … so it is really safe and convenient … anyway, Kay would  sit with Pete when I left during those last weeks.   I did not want Pete alone even with the assistants here.   After Pete’s passing, Kay and I made arrangements for dinner out … just to talk.   She had a recommendation for an “authentic” Mexican restaurant!  And, of course, it was difficult to find!   We did drive around it several times … not recognizing it as a restaurant!!!   The food was very good … and it was very much a family place!!!  Jim joined us later … and the conversation was good.

I am becoming a ” Colorado Rockies'” fan … Colorado Professional Baseball Team.  Score is 4 – 1 … Rockies’… top of the ninth … home game … two on base!!!   We shall see !!!  We have some fine young players.   I also follow the Colorado Broncos … our professional foot ball team.  Of course … I still follow my SAINTS …I miss popcorn in the middle of the Sunday football games!!

I knew I was coming close to some medical necessities … but I was using Pete as  excuse.

With Pete’s needing care, I did not want Craig to have both  Pete and me needing medical  care at the same time.  Have seen two independent … of each other .. ophthalmologists…and both found cataracts and glaucoma.   Will have surgery during the month of July ..with  one appointment middle of August.   I also knew my knees were  unhappy!”  Have seen  one orthopedist who surprised me by “diagnosing” my left hip as needing more immediate replacement.   I have another “orthopedic” appointment this Wednesday.   If both agree, I will do the left hip around this coming September or .  (I  have messed my alignment .. and cannot get things in place.)  That is September o

Happy Easter … Pardon the total fixation on my activities.

Love y’all.