COVID 15!!!

My Heavens… Katie has it wrong … it should COVID-19 !!!   COVID 19 will be part of this essay … but now I mean COVID 15!!!   Remember so many years ago ,,, when we left for College …remember that FRESHMAN year … that FRESHMAN-15.   The phrase “FRESHMAN 15” referred to the … (at least) 15 pounds that we had gained our freshman year of College.   The phase COVID-15 refers to the (at least!) 15 pounds that we have gained during the quarantine.   That has actually happened to me … now , WHAT DO I DO  ?

I was walking before the quarantine … and I have continued.  There have been a couple times when walking  became one lap … and a couple times walking really seemed “out of reach.”   But, now, about 2 months into the quarantine,  I am doing about .47 of a mile daily.  I have walked outside since two residents and three associates came down with the COVID-19.   The staff here has done a very nice job handling this situation — so it does not infect other of the residents or staff,   But you don’t walk the halls now.  In fact, I had to ask to do my walking … and of course, “OK”.   So, I am walking the perimeter of the parking lot two times … for my daily walking.   And that walk is .47 of a mile.  A couple times I have added enough to make it at least .5 of a mile.   I want to add a little bit. so I can do more walking!!!  But note … there is no “losing” weight .  In fact, obviously I am gaining weight.   My old body will not do the walking faster or excessively longer than right now.   My strategy … add a  little length to my walk; make that a comfortable walk;  add a little length to my walk; make that a comfortable walk; etc

So back to gaining weight … I will have to do something.  I am doing breakfast and one more meal.   That is obviously too much.  At least, I am doing something … so I will try to work with both my walking and my eating.  I know that I am causing the weight gain … but I also  know that being quarantined 23 1/2 hours a day does not leave a lot of room for just living and doing things!!!

The riots … I would never have expected the riots to enter DENVER!!  Denver is really a very thoughtful town … it appears to me that decisions are thought out before actions.  We have a very fine governor who works so well with people in charge of other units of governance.  Our governor, also, is a user and fan of “DATA”.   His decisions are “data driven”.   I love it !!!   He does a good number of online press conferences … always supported by pictures of data graphs and conclusions made from the data(graphs).   Recently he wanted to show the effects of “masks”.   He puts up a transparency with 4 graphs… each showing GROWTH of Covid-affected patients with percentage of people wearing masks as the variable.  The curve flattened nicely at 65% wearing masks and began its trot to quite large numerical outcomes as the % was lowered.   As I am writing 65% there is a little warning that enters my mind … I may have forgotten the exact percentages.  But, you get the idea.   Excuse me, I could be mistaken. but I do not think I have ever had a governor who would use graphs to explain how a certain behavior of people could result in some drastic outcomes!!!   It was very impressive!!!

Oh, … I have written several times about “Little Mary” … Pete’s great niece.   Mary and her husband have three children … absolutely precious.  The middle child made her first communion yesterday … and I watched it all … through the Church’s “www” address.  Although this was a very well planned occasion, I was impressed … the use of the video was such a great gift to family members not at the ceremony.  Of course, the children were lovely and very well-behaved.

As I was watching the First Communion, I had vivid memories of the riots everywhere … and in Denver.  The two … so-contrasting occasions … First Communion … and individuals deliberately destroying downtown stores … and the callousness of stealing merchandise.   It is said that it is the culture of a people that molds a person … well, culture and some one individual who connects with the person.   Who are the people who culturally molded the “agitators” ... the name usually used by our news people … to describe the people destroying our town!!  I saw the Capitol with graffiti on it;  the Denver Art Museum, … several such buildings downtown … defaced!!!  And, we could have a fifth night tonight.   The police try to identify the “agitators” and remove them from the scene … there are too many … and they hide in groups not-agitating.

I didn’t know I would write so much about the riots.  They has really affected me.

There must be something else I want to write about.  When every day is getup, get dressed, “wake up”, watch “The Price is Right” on TV, watch some local news, watch a program called “DBL”, …  Denver people discussing current topics, each very opinionated, and not covering it up.  Put on sun glasses, mask … and usually my oxygen connection to my nose !!!  Do my .47 of a mile.   Think of writing in my BLOG … that won out today!!!   And here I 7 of a mile walk!!!am!!!    Want my nails done … but do not want to go out of this reasonably pure environment unless it is necessary.

I will end this writing time … and come back later if a reason … and then post this monologue on my site.


Love y’all.

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