The SAINTS Lost!!!

 I cannot believe the Saints lost!!!  One more tie with New Orleans erased from my life now!!!  I know that sounds very dramatic … but when you know that it is just memories that tie you to something, you stretch those memories.   I had been holding tightly to my Saints … wearing my SAINTS shirt every Sunday … or Monday.   I liked to remember when they won the Super Bowl … I was still teaching at Southeastern  … and just could not believe we won the SUPER BOWL!!!   The memories are good.   Of course I remember the Quarter with Pete … grad school, Mardi Gras, the restaurants … the restaurant on the corner that did a great Beef-Po-Boy for Pete and a great Muffaletta for me.   I am remembering more than I had thought!!!

Letting memories guide me … I am reminded of a wonderful womanEdna … who passed away this past January 1st.   Edna was 98 years old … and when I knew her … a more self – sufficient person you would never find … and so lovely, and helpful to everyone … Edna checked every day on my mother.    I remember “Blan-chee,  are you there?”  We loved Edna.

This past week-end will stay in my mind!!!  For the entire Friday, Saturday, Sunday … and, I hear, this Monday, also, the residents of this assisted-living complex are requested to stay in their apartments.  There are cases of a “neuro-virus” among the population here … and among the “Memory Care” population.

Time off … it is now Monday afternoon … and this “quarantine” has been continued until this coming Wednesday … the 8th … after breakfast.   Already, I know I have gained weight!!  I had football to watch this week-end … but after tonight … nothing!!!   whatever!!!!  I have my glass of wine … and I will do something to fill my time

Of course … I have my first radiation treatment tomorrow … morning.   That gives me an excuse to sit in my chair and feel sorry for myself!!!   This “quarantine” is excuse enough!   (I have to watch my bold and such … it can carry past my use.)

Love y’all

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