This is a very emotional time of life!!

It really is.  I would never have described it as such … until these past days …tried to arrange for Erin … a granddaughter … to visit; when walking yesterday, a dear friend, here, sort of lost her legs while coming to walk with me;  i need information on what is medically a plan for my right knee … and for my left knee;  Craig is attending the Joint Mathematics Meeting … held annually at this time of the year … and coincidentally being held in Denver this year;  Craig will be teaching 16 hours this coming semester … 8 hours college algebra, 3 hours of trig, and 5 hours of calculus I; (memories!!!); my cancer on my nose has had three treatments … fourth tomorrow … some reddish irritation is appearing at the end of my nose … I am going to take pictures weekly so I have a record;  I have done my 2400 feet of walking for today; Craig put a television in this room that I use as an office ... three televisions in this little apartment!!;  the lady whose legs gave out two days ago passed away … her husband knocked on my door this morning to tell me such … we did a cup of coffee and an hour and a half of memories; we all have such similar milestones; I should have washed my hair today … had it on my calendar and just did not want to; one of the bridge players … my 101 year-old-friend … the best bridge player in this building … has been in poor shape medically … she was given the wrong medicine … came out of that … only to fall and break her leg … she may be back here for rehab … but more likely help and leg healing as is; we have a new resident who is here because of physical shape … brain cancer affecting his right side … but excellent mentally !!; I have the afternoon “Let’s Make a Deal” on the television … and I am watching it!!!; it is too loud;  I still have my Christmas decorations up … we took down the wreath on the entry door … but everything is still up!  I love it;  except for removing his things, everything in Pete’s room is the same as when he was using it … Craig has suggested a new mattress … and I am thinking of new colors, too; I am really not using his bedroom … but I think I should open it up with new colors and such … and I thinking of yellow, gray, and black;  I am not in the mood for a geometric pattern on the bed … but flowers would be too much … we shall see what Amazon has!!!

Reader:  You do realize you are getting a brain dump … it is certainly beneficial to me!!!

What else???  I am drinking too much coffee;  Craig bought me one of those one cup Keurig coffee makers … I think somewhere in this writing … a long time ago … I have mentioned how I love it!!! I did not send Christmas greetings this past 2019 … I am hoping I can get a couple more friends on my reading list for this BLOG … so we can stay in touch … I do not want to lose contact with past students and friends who were on my Christmas list; this is mid January … and Denver … city … has temperature around 50 degrees during the middle of the day … it is wonderful; I did something on the computer a little while ago that keeps the collection of pictures in the computer on the screen whenever I am not using another file on the computer … so whenever I walk into my office I see pictures through about 2003 until around 2017 … the pictures are lovely … there are so many of Pete!!!  Switched the television to a sport’s talk program … they are discussing what the football team for LSU and others will look like after the current football players leave for the NFL … it does appear that many college football players are opting for the NFL.  It does appear to me that there is considerable support for Alabama to be the team to beat!!!  There is also support for Clemson … it appears Trever Lawrence may be returning.

Love y’all…

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