A Bowl 0f Gumbo…

 Bowl of Gumbo!!!   Today is Mardi Gras!!!   It brings back so many memories.  My first Mardi Gras … I was a graduate student in Mathematics at Tulane University.   Of course, Tulane closed down Monday and Tuesday of Mardi Gras… and Wednesday, also.   I was totally  amazed that Tulane University would close down for Mardi Gras.   Several Tulane-Math graduate students partied until way into Wednesday morning … and ended up sleeping in my apartment for the rest of the day/night.    I am thinking my second Mardi Gras was about the same.. and so the third … the fourth  … Pete and I were married and I had had Lori , January of 1963.   I was not well … but … Lori’s first outing was the Carrollton (Mardi Gras) Parade … right in front of our apartment!!!  Wonderful.

We left the New Orleans area in 1965 … we certainly remembered every Mardi Gras when it came around.  In 1997, we returned to the New Orleans area … Hammond, Louisiana … home of Southeastern Louisiana University and 40 miles from New Orleans.  We also renewed our closeness to Jennie Belle and Sergie.  I had taught with Jennie Belle at Newcomb College.   Hurricane Katrina flooded the area where Jennie Belle lived.  Sergie escaped the terrible destruction … and since Sergie could use help with various household tasks, Jennie Belle moved in with him.  Sergie’s house was right on one of the major mid-town Mardi Gras parade routes … if Pete were here, he would surely remember the name of the parade … but I cannot.  With Sergie on the parade route, we could park in his drive-way … parking was always a problem along a parade-route …  and set up chairs right on the parade route!!!

We began to plan for that parade date.  Watch the parade on Sergie’s front yard … and share Dinner with Jennie Belle and Sergie… Jennie Belle would do the red beans and rice; she would also do the Mardi Gras cake … again I forget the name of  the cake … with all the goo-eys.  Wonderful … I loved that woman.   We would return to Hammond with great feelings and delight … and sacks of beads from the floats from the parades.  Wonderful … they became my beads to share with grandchildren and children of friends.

All these memories brought forward because of a “bowl of gumbo.”   Pete made the best of black-bottom pies. cream pies, pizzas, … and gumbo.   We would go south of New Orleans … to get the sausage.   Pete would do sausage and chicken gumbo.   Wonderful.

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone.   Memories are beautiful.

Love y’all.  

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