Is it Saturday or Sunday?

Or a weekday???

I am so reminded of a story Pete would tell about his brother, Art.   I don’t remember the exact reason , but Art was being questioned by a medical person:   (We all remember the drill.) “What is your name?” “Where are you?” … “What day is it?”  Art’s response to this question: “Shucks, I am retired.  I never know what day it is !!”  I am sort of impressed by what I have started doing.   I have my day-planner clearly on one table, and when I see it, I check off the morning for the day.   Thus, I know today is Saturday.   Of course, I have to check my planner once and only once for a day.  I think I have mentioned earlier, if I get confused, I have two clocks that give me the day ... of course, I have to remember to look at the clocks!!!

A couple days ago, I stopped following the parades here in downtown Denver.   I followed them through the news for about 8 or 9 days.  I am so sympathetic to the reason for the parades.  I don’t know if I would have joined them if there had not been the Covid-19 problem — but maybe if I were younger!   But I could not believe the destruction.   I don’t think Pete and I were ever at a town/city where there were such parades.  I remember the year 1970 when the students at Southern Illinois University started a series of parades … mainly, I think, they were unhappy that the University had closed down and did not allow Halloween Parades!!!   The idea of parades and student destruction was so unusual at that time that SIU’s closing made the international newspapers.  Pete and I were teaching in South Africa, and we read about SIU’s closing in one of their newspapers!!!   (We were SIU faculty at that time  … on leave.)

Just finished my walking for the day … 8 x 200 ft = 1600 ft walked!!!   200 ft is the distance from my door to the end of the hall.   Before I had my trouble with my lungs, I could handle 10 laps.  I was even transitioning to 24 laps at the time of my blood clots.  I try to make sure I do 8 laps a day now

Saw one of the residents I know during my walk.   We both commented on how we miss seeing other residents … I DO!!!  My days consist mainly of eating two meals and doing my walking…I try to keep up on my e-mails.

I’ll close now — and as usual see if I forgot a world shattering occasion!!

Back to this essay … a whole week later … and SAME!!!   It is the 4th  of July —  we were usually at the lake –– Pete cooking. grands and family up, started a boat parade on our lady … I remember Mark and my going house — to — house delivering notes to people also at the lake … “to remember the boat parade.” 

BTW … if you want to write me a note, whatever, … a note connected to any essay comes to me … and I love the notes.   And I can answer them … my life is full of good memories … but not currently full of exciting activities!!!

Love y’all.

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