Old Fashion With A Twist (an essay … not the entire BLOG)

I am trying to find my BLOG … and to write a few comments. My surgery … right knee replacement is tomorrow … October 7th. I have apparently introduced a new editor into my writing my BLOG. (And I currently have two televisions on, in this three-room apartment!!! I do have both too loud … and the staff is checking my temperature (for coved-19) … and telling me that they are bringing my food to my apartment (for a repeat of how we handled meals before today!) I obviously have some of my essay written — we will see if I can add a little more and get this published.

Seriously … I could not find the BLOG to write on it. But here I am… Let’s see what I have to say before my surgery tomorrow. I am already totally panicked because I had the flu shot for old people today … and I am scared I might show up with fever for my surgery and they think I have Coved-19 … and deny my surgery. Right now I am wishing I did not do the flu shot today!!! So much … and so little has happened since my last entry.

I spend days sleeping late … getting dressed … and, most of the days, doing my walking. Our grandson is taking both differential equations and linear algebra. He joked (it had to be a joke from my point of view) about our son or me helping him with problems. I immediately suggested that I take the linear algebra … and our son do the differential equations. Our son suggested he was also better on the linear algebra!!! So he and I began talking … and I confessed that I had had a course in differential equations as either a junior or senior in college … and I did not really understand the theory behind integration at that time. So … you can guess how much differential equations I know after almost 60 years … and I was not good at that 60 years ago time. I have been looking for something that will keep me going during this quarantine … and rehab from surgery. Nothing has clicked … reading, exercising, just anything. Almost immediately in my conversation with our son about differential equations … I realized that this was my time to learn differential equations!!! I immediately grabbed the idea … I have started my course in differential equations … using a book our son had : Edwards and Penney, Elementary Differential Equations. I have only made it to page 7 but it is great … I have found something I care about!!!!

This editor is asking something … I don’t know what. I really dislike change that is change to me!!! Remember my right knee replacement is tomorrow … October 7th. Plan is for 7:00 AM our time. Think of me.

Love y’all.

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