How Am I? (Part II)

As I continue to write entries in this BLOG. I need to develop a writing “personna” so I will experience the realization of having been here before!!  Have spent time with my college roommate these past couple days … so I will remember activities with … or parallel to … Karenanne’s.  Karenanne lost her husband … Bob … around the spring before Pete passed.   Karenanne and Bob had seven children.  I have already told Karenanne that I am jealous of all her grandchildren.   They are certainly providing a very full life for her now!!!

Should I develop my “homemaker personna?”  In particular do I relearn knitting so I can do something while I watch television …or while I listen to audio books???   When Lori was around 7 or 8 years old I taught myself to knit so I could teach Lori to knit.    I am not sure why I thought teaching a child knitting and crocheting were part of the necessary skills a child needed to have for appropriate growth!!!  I did feel that way ,,, so ,,,   The other day, someone was talking about knitting, and I felt very much that I would enjoy the finished product if I went back to knitting.   My mind flipped to crocheting vests or something like scarves!!1   Christmas???

April 28, 2020  I started the above two paragraphs a little while ago ... I guess two weeks.   I have really done nothing since then … but I want to write!!!  Around last week-end, I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday either in bed or putting my clothes on… I absolutely felt like doing nothing … and my legs hurt so badly!!!   Before those days … and today, I did get dressed … and have gone for my walk.   It was a good walk and my legs did not hurt nearly as much as before.

I have spent time watching public TV here.  Last week I saw several films on the Roosevelts.   I have always liked Eleanor Roosevelt … maybe, felt sorry for her.   When I heard that the President Roosevelt kept his mistress at the “hot water springs” where he tried to help his legs … from childhood polio, I was not too pleased with him.  And, Eleanor was busy trying to help the poor!!

Today public TV began a series on the United States … from the Thirties on.  In particular, the film is now about the ’60s.   I almost find it impossible to think of all that was going on in the ’60s … and it really just went by me … and Pete.   There was the March on Selma; there were the protest marches; there was the violence in Mississippi.  Several of our professors would go to Mississippi over weekends to help if they could.  One in particular was Professor  XXXXX … I do not remember his name !!!   And he was a topologist, and I kept in touch with him past the time of these happenings!!!   He was quite vocal on what was happening in Mississippi … the highlight being when he laid down in the middle of the Tulane football field during intermission in a football game..   It was suggested that he leave Tulane, and he went to Purdue, Case Western … something in that area!!!

And, all of that was happening … and I did not know it.  Lori was born January of 1963; I was not well after she was born, and it took me a whole semester to come back to my level of life and teaching.   I think Pete and I both received our Master’s that year … that really required nothing of us.   We hired Grandma Downing to take care of Lori.   A total blessing.   That is a person who entered our lives at that time … a miracle … just when we needed her.  Come Fall, Pete and I were both back teaching the schedule we should have — and with Grandma Downing … I knew Lori was being taken care of.  Come November 22, 1963, Kennedy was shot…It was a Friday … Pete and I got home about 5:00 PM, and Grandma Downing was complaining that we did not have a television — and the whole weekend … and more TV … would be about the shooting of JFK!!!   Grandma Downing stayed with Lori, and Pete and I went out to buy a television.   We did; we came home, and Pete hooked it up.   We now had a television.

We watched the entire pre-funeral and funeral … and post funeral.  USA Presidents are not shot.   MLKjr had been shot not that long ago.  Bobby Kennedy was shot.  And, now, JFK.   I know the people shooting our children in classrooms are the worst … but I could not, … at that time … fathom a president shot.!!!

How did I get on this topic???   I looked back, and it was the Public TV program I was watching!!!

I love y’all … before I close I want to mention my lovely, beautiful niece who took a picture from the  2014 family reunion and one from the 2016 family reunion … framed them, and sent a finished copy of each to me… When I fall asleep at night, I am looking directly at the picture of Pete in the 2014 family picture reunion!!!   I love y’all.

I am OK.   I am eating too much.  Trying to balance weight and walking.   Not doing a good job.   We are still in quarantine … and I am happy that way.  It will be interesting to see what orders we get…  now that we are loosening up a bit … but not in this assisted living complex!!!   My nails really need help.  I had them done the week before we closed up.  I am about 4 weeks into needing a new set.   But I am scared to go out.

I’m OK.

Love y’all



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