How Am I?

Of course, we are basically quarantined … but I am in my apartment … still comfortable … some one is coming in daily to see what I want for my meals … which are being brought to my room!!!   The Activities Person brought me … and everyone here … a collection of activities that we could do during this time in our room!!!  Most of you know that I am very content with just myself!!!  It also happens that a dear friend sent me a book that I am back to reading … am about half read!!! Maybe I can focus again.   I got used to always thinking about Pete and just could not focus.   Things still have not changed that much!

I am at my computer … windows open … beautiful outside … a little windy.   Probably 50 – 60 degrees.  I just came in from doing my walk outside.48 of a mile.  Beautiful … I have it measured again.  I do think we are predicted to have snow and rain on Thursday of this week … remember, it depends on whether the rain gets over the mountain!! !    Denver needs such a song … I bet there is one!!!

Took advantage of Yesterday … nothing to do … and pulled my medical payments from my checkbook for 2019.   I have that ready for Craig.   Since Craig cannot visit me … no one can visit the residents here … things can be left at the front door  … at the Concierge … and the “things” will be brought to our room by staff who keep a record of everyone’s temp!!!   I know it is really only the first two days in quarantine … Sunday and Monday … but I am feeling quite well emotionally and physically.   (I will miss the hair person doing my hair … but I would guess I can handle that!!!  If we only last this way 8 weeks!!!)

Was supposed to have a third procedure Tuesday of last week — to handle a pain in my side… all these blood clots in my lungs … have cancelled the procedure on my side … and any plan for a replacement of my right knee.  I need to allow 6 months from my notice of blood clots in my lungs.   That puts me at July 18th for any medical procedure.   The blood clots and my age put me in the categories of “elderly” and  ” could easily pick up this Convid-19.”  I feel very comfortable here … honestly, I can think of nothing that would cause me medical problems while here!!!

Finished my small glass of wine and something soda … as I was sitting here doing this BLOG.   Lovely!!!

Our Governor is on TV giving a list of “personable” things we can do during this time.  He really does not appear to be distant from people…He appears very sweet!!!  We will have to figure out how people who lost their salaries … or part of their salaries  … can get back on their feet.   It may be difficult.

Take care.   I am OK.

Love y’all.



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