8 Hours … 9 minutes … left of 2019!

21 minutes until our “New Year’s Eve” Happy Hour.    Trying to put a “shell” around the year of 2019 is just impossible.   Immediately, Pete’s passing comes to mind.   There is nothing left in 2019 that matches that !!!   I have tried to stay away from Pete’s passing as I write this BLOG.   Once his passing enters my mind, all else is dull.   I find myself stopped at the stage of being ready to share something with him and knowing that he is not here.  It is “OK” … not really!!!   But I certainly cannot change it.

8 minutes to our “happy hour.” ... glass of wine and snacks … the snacks are fixed by the kitchen and are really quite nice.

2020:  Dentist Thursday, Jan 2nd … tooth pulled to prevent future problems … at my age, I wonder about such!!!   But (three) dentists and Craig say we should do that.   Maybe too much consulting!!!   Tuesday, Jan 9th … I have my first radiation treatment on the Cancer at the tip of my nose.   

(Back to my BLOG … from our NYE Happy Hour!!!)

Yes … the Cancer on the tip of my nose … this phrase sounds like what a writer would create as a  storyline so there is no fear raised in the reader!!!   From someone who does have a Cancer at the tip of her nose … it seems true and totally ridiculous … I feel like a joke when I say the phrase:  cancer on the tip of my nose.

The guess is that I should need 7 to 8 treatments … two a week!!!

I am thinking January for the treatments;  February for my nose to heal … when the treatments stop,  the cancer finishes its healing from the inside.   I am thinking end of February for the healing.   Our family “senior” reunion… could then be around the end of February.   I would then have my right knee replaced … with my left knee replacement next!!!   The knee replacements’ schedule is all speculative ,,, my hip doctor also does knees, so I will use him for my knees … my left hip is great.

At this current time, I have no big occasions in my mind.  We shall just have to see … I think of all of you from Louisiana and Webster so much … and miss you!!! I am wishing all of you a most lovely and blessed 2020 …  make it healthy and joyful, also!!! 

Love y.all … and Happy New Year …

                      (6 hours and 41 minutes of 2019 still with us!!!)

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