A Most Blessed Person … I Am.

When I thought of starting this essay … the title just came out.   And the rich memories have just filled me ... memories … in a minute … but, now, a “telling” of how my great day started.  Craig and I went to TARGET!!!    Now, for a few of my sophisticated readers, this may not deserve CAPS, and BOLD, and ITALICS.   I do not think I have been to Target … much less shopping … for a long time … and with Craig!   Usually Craig gets me whatever I need … or I order from Amazon.   It was a total delight to walk the Target ailes — no matter what lists I write for Craig, I always forget something … a “cucumber – mint” sparking water,  a “grapefruit”  sparking water,  “plain” hummus,  “cuties” … cross between satsumas and tangerines!!!  Craig and I returned to the apartment … and decided to have Christmas then.   (Just filled my second glass of wine while writing this essay … a really fine Cabernet from my brother — with pieces of the “Cuties” for even more smiles — my smiles!!!) 

So, Craig and I did Christmas this morning.   It was wonderful … he was a better Santa then I was!!!  I have a beautiful bracelet … Craig has my style … always from Art Shows here — and simple and beautiful.  I showed a picture of the bracelet last year — I will try to get this one shown by picture.   Craig managed also to find me a multitude of the ribbons I wear in my hair — and a darling mirror and plaque for my living room … I will smile every time I walk by it.   As I said, I did not do that well for him … we shall see.

The memories … a student I loved dearly … who is not with us … a letter from her parents … a reason to believe and be thankful; a friend from the lake … how I miss the lake!!! … and the people;  a beautiful math/computer science major at Southern Illinois … whose oldest child is entering college; and  my lovely and beautiful roommate from my college years.

And … new memories … at least, the people involved are from this where-abouts.

New memories:   a lovely woman and her friend … whom I met here … and who brought me candy last night at dinner … how thoughtful … she knew I would cherish the thought.

Did my 2400 feet today — and stopped in and visited a friend at turn 2300!!!  One of our fabulous bridge players who has not been feeling well.  She is 101 years old and is probably our best bridge player here.   She just had not been feeling well … and it is not like her.  I pass her apartment as I walk … we had a good visit … they changed her medicine, and she is much better … and going to grandchildren for dinner today — and another group from family from dinner tomorrow.   That is good.

Tomorrow … dinner out at the home of a friend and her son.  Her son is the “handsome” man who is my driver so often … and she is … I consider her a friend … so wonderful to have at this stage of being away from ones who were … and are … friends.  I could not convince her that I wanted to do something  to help with dinner … so wine, cookies, and candies!!!    I am looking so forward to the time spent with them.

The best of all my wishes to family and friends … have a wonderful holiday!!!

Love y’all .


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