Happy Holidays!

Can’t find the perfect “place” from which to start this essay!!!   I love y’all who are with me in this BLOG … friends and family who use this BLOG as a way for us to stay in touch.  What does it mean to “celebrate” a Holiday … a Christmas!!!  Thanks to Craig, there is a small little tree in my office … and two presents under it!!!   Stephie gave me the tree the first Christmas Pete and I were in Denver.  The Memories!!!   Early Christmases!!!   I am trying to remember how we celebrated Christmas when Lori and Craig were young.  I know we opened presents on Christmas Morning.   I am guessing that Pete cooked the Christmas Dinner … I am thinking that we might have spent Christmases with my mother … and with my sister and her family.   I don’t remember … it has all blended together without dates!!!  

Christmases changed after the grandchildren came … at first Pete and I stayed with Lori and her family over the Christmas visit.   In 2003, Pete bought the place in Wisconsin … on Bonner Lake.   Since I had about mid-December to mid-January as my vacation, it became our practice to spend that time in Wisconsin (at the lake!!!) ... and visit Lori and the grands when it was good.  I am remembering my starting the habit of one day per grand-child … at the Mall of America … buying whatever they wanted.   This habit started early when I realized that I did not know enough about what each would want.   I remember the scenes of each of the children trying on clothes, choosing lunch … always that restaurant with all the fish and animals.   I loved it — it was my Christmas gift from the grandchildren!!!


Christmas, 2017, we are in Denver!!!  Pete was not comfortable going out … so we ate Christmas dinner in the dining room in the Assisted Living complex … and the day after Christmas, Craig and Stephie would bring over a full course Christmas dinner.  This year I will eat dinner in our dining room … and I am sure Craig and I will do an appropriate dinner later.   We must allow time on Christmas to open presents … I surely hope Craig’s come in time.  Love y’all … enjoy time with family and friends … good memories … 

Love y’all … Happy Holidays

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