I Added 400!!

Sometime last week I added 400 ft to my daily walking!!!  That means another walk from my apartment door to the end of the hallway and back to my apartment door — 200 feet from my apartment door to the end of the hallway!!!   So I am now at 12 “laps.”   A lap is from my apartment door or back!!!   OR .4124  (rounded up)  of a mile!!!   And I am sure I could continue this paragraph to the disdane of any readers!!!

As I sat down to write this essay … I began an outline of what has happened this month — and I cannot believe that it has been a month since I wrote in this BLOG!!!

One of the best ... a visit from Brenna … granddaughter!!!   She has a friend in Golden (Colorado) … Brenna stayed with her — and we visited quite a bit..   On the Friday —Craig drove Brenna and me up to Boulder — home of University of Colorado — Brenna was interested in a grad school that would get her a degree in family care … I am sure I messed up the name of the degree, but you get the idea!!!   It does happen that she could be in the area a few summers … I, of course, smiled!!!

Sunday Brenna, friend, and I did a brunch at one of my favorite such places in Denver — we walked through Golden — and I got home early afternoon … just in time for more football games.

Of course, Stephie in, is another one of the best here for me.   She got in really late Monday night … and Tuesday was probably the worst snow day Denver has had this year.   We had one item on the agenda for Wednesday when Stephie was here … get my glasses.   With my cataracts removed and the glaucoma, I needed a new pair of glasses … really both near and far “tweeked.”   We went to a really neat place downtown … Stephie did some work while we shopped for “office” glasses and “sun” glasses.   Craig was a suberb help…

Since we were downtown we went to one of Craig’s and Stephanie’s favorite restaurants down town…Motto: “ if you do not like garlic, do not come here.”   Seriously … and the food was so good … not “garliky” but GOOD!!!!

Next day was Thanksgiving … Craig and Stephanie were doing the dinner … and I went to Craig’s house sort of mid-afternoon … sat and watched football and got to know the cats!!!   The cats are darling … there are four of them … well behaved, beautiful, big, hair about 2 inches long, well-groomed … they are called “ragdolls”.. I really liked them!!!  Dinner was great … the turkey was perfect … Craig cooked it upside down … like his father always did … but I don’t think Craig remembered that far back!!!   The side dishes were really great also … a new corn dish …superb … I can’t wait until next Thanksgiving!!!  Also had dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, rolls … and Craig baked a really good pecan pie the next day!!!

Stephie left late Saturday night … so we did the last couple days doing anything she wanted to get done while here.

Life, this week, has returned to normal … I was ready to write “boring” … but really not.   Saturday and Sunday are watching football;   Monday and Wednesday are write on this BLOG, wash hair, and … I am sure … other things.  Tuesday morning is bridge… This coming Friday is Bridge morning … four of us have merged so nicely into a group that likes to play bridge together.   They played in my room last time … I will see what they want to do this Saturday.

The Monet showing is here … I saw it on Friday, the 8th of November and … again on the 15th.  The 8th was sponsored by St. Louis University … but turned out to be just a viewing of the paintings alone.   I had thought it would be a session on Monet.   I did enjoy the second viewing — with Craig.   It was so wonderful to see such a collection of Monet’s paintings ,,, and discuss them afterwards.  I found out I really like one of Monet’s paintings of poplars.   Jim’s mother, Kay, went with me for the first viewing … it is wonderful to have someone outside my usual circle.

Finished my glass of wine … and finished my notes … maybe should mention we are investigating how best to handle the cancer on the tip of my nose.   Thanks to family, we have two doctors who do the radiation romoval of a cancer.  We will listen to both … and I am trying to get in touch with the one doctor who did Craig’s MOHS on his nose!!!

It is a dreary evening …expecting some rain and snow.

Love y’all …



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