Win Is When … and Has is Had

I just re-read my immediately previous essay ... found mistakes ... and the title to this essay should correct two of the mistakes!!!

I was going to title this essay “2000 feet.”   I just finished my walking for the day … my 2000 feet!!!   But, I thought the above title was “cuter.”   The “2000 feet” expression was explained at the end of the (same) previous essay.   To be redundant:   2000 feet is the amount of walking I am now trying to do daily.   BTW, it took me 26.07 minutes to do the walking today … not really … when I just reached to turn the app back on, it turned on itself and added a few more seconds to my time.   Using 26.07, my average pace was 51.25 miles / hour.   I used 77 calories!!! 

 (Question:   Is miles / hour a “reasonable” unit for my walking?   I first typed in feet / sec and then thought about that.   51.25 feet per second would have my walking quite fast!!!)

I spent this past Saturday and Sunday in my bed.   I have a bad head-cold and am so uncomfortable.   But, that is OK when football is on … college football on Saturday and professional on Sunday … with an extra college game on Friday … and an extra pro game this evening.   I love it!!!   I am especially following the SEC games for College.   I really do like Alabama … and I have no idea what is motivating LSU … they were running 2nd in a college poll on today’s television!!!   Of course, we are following the Denver Broncos (past Thursday night on TV).   The game last Thursday was embarrassing!!!  I am trying to follow the Saints … this past game was nationally shown … so, we were able to see it.   I love little Bridgewater … I followed him in Minnesota.   I also like the Cowboys since their quarterback is from Southern Mississippi!!!   The Packers play tonight … and they are also one of my favorites.    Pete loved football … and I started watching it with him … about 50 years of watching footballl leaves some memories!!!    I think I said this before … “Sunday afternoon, Pete did popcorn … and we usually ordered in pizza!!!”

Got a lovely phone call from a past student this Saturday evening.  It was Homecoming at Southeastern Louisiana University.   David … the caller … suggested quite strongly that I visit Southeastern next year for homecoming.   There are several people I would love to see again.

It is a most beautiful afternoon.   Denver sun … with snow predicted in the mountains this coming Wednesday and Thursday.   I am beginning to understand Denver weather.  There is that difference in weather between the weather in the mountains and the weather at 5000 feet.   If the weather is coming from the West, it has to get over the mountains before it affects us.   So — we are late in getting a change in the weather … or we get no change … if the mountains stop the winds … which bring the change in weather.   I really think I will become a weather-person in my next life… NOT saying the weather on television … but using mathematics to figure out those curves that changes in  the weather follow!!!

It is time for dinner … never want to lose someone cooking for me!!!  I have a couple doctor appointments this week.   Jim is taking me.  Would anyone out there want to visit Denver and join me in seeing the Monet exhibit?   I will see the exhibit a couple times during November … so I can let you know if  I think it is good.  The exhibit is only shown in Denver in the States.   I think it has to be a good experience!!!

Think about it.

Love y’all.






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