I Almost Said, “No. Thank You.”

My life is really more like “Groundhog Day” than like the old movie that had John Belosi and others as part of a College Fraternity!!!   I just do not have a lot of unplanned events in my life!   But, I had one last night (Wednesday, October 2nd)thanks to an absolutely lovely woman … and if I had not been so tired I would have written aboout it last night!!!

After that introduction, the actual event may not live up to the introduction... but, it certainly does to me.

I spent all of yesterday … Wednesday, October 2nd, … until 3:30 PM … doing basically nothing.   Not really … Craig stopped in mid-morning … and we discussed his classes … and students.   My birthday is coming up so we made plans for Lunch Out on the 14th (October) … Craig’s birthday is the 28th of this month … and we settled on his birthday present.   I also made plans to do Dinner Out with Kay on this coming Monday.   Kay is Jim’s Mother … a fabulous woman in her own right.   Jim is basically a driver for residents of this complex … he is a retired member of the Denver Sheriff’s Department … so a very comfortable man to be with … and, really, very good looking!!!  At 3:00 I went down to the Concierge Desk … to meet Jim … he was taking me to my nail appointment.  Of course … when I thought … I knew that 3:00 was too soon for a 3:45 appointment … checked my text notes … and, of course, Jim had said 3:30.

Jim shows up about 5 minutes late … of course, being me, I texted him to see if he had forgotten me … “He was on his way.”  And, was running a little late because the passenger before me was about 10 minutes late at the Doctors …  and the passenger was “Jimmy.”   I forget Jimmy’s last name.  Jimmy is at the Independent Living part of this complex … Jimmy spent a good part of his life in the fashion industry in New York City.   Before beautiful clothes were shared through photographs, the fashion industry used artists to capture the models and clothes.   And, Jimmy was one of the best … all the fashion houses at that time wanted Jimmy … just some months ago our Denver Art Museum had a showing of some of Jimmy’s drawings … at least three rooms full … the drawings of the 70’s — 80’s … I recognized the styles … and loved the exhibit.  (That was win I first met Jimmy.)  Anyway, I soon did not worry about being late for my nails … and had a wonderful conversation with Jimmy.

Did my nail appointment in good time … Hana always runs around three hours on my nails … and Jim (the driver … not Jimmy!!!) had a passenger to take downtown around 6:15  … so Hana said she would take me home … I live just about 10 minutes from the Nail Shop … so “wonderful” … Jim did not have to worry about timing.  As Hana gets close to finishing my nails, she asked me, “Do you like Viet Nam food?”   Of course I do.   Hana asks, “Do you (me) want to join her for dinner?   It is close by.”  This is where my first reaction was, “No.  Thank you.  I have naan and hummus in my room.”   Plenty for me!!!  And, then, I thought of Lori and Brenna … traveling all over the world .. and I am thinking of  saying . “NO” to a lovely invitation to a Viet Nam restaurant.   Seriously???  So, I said, “I would love to go with you (Hana) to a Viet Nam restaurant for dinner.”

We went to “Belmar Asia” … just around the corner.   Many of the staff knew Hana.   We sat down, and Hana described the foods on the menu.   She suggested each of us order a “Rice and Noodle Bowl.”   I ordered a Thai Tea for me … Hana ordered a strawberry-flavored drink for herself!!!   The first item that appeared on our table — is a bowl of what looks like soup.   As I lift the bowl to take a first sip, Hana quickly tells me that the bowl contains fish sauce … and various other flavors … making it very tasteful!!!   It is to season our Rice and Noodle bowl if we want.   Hana is a lovely host and guide … and I loved the entire dinner.   I had enough food left to take home for my dinner the next day!!!   And, the Rice and Noodle bowl was as good the second day as the first!!!   

That experience has totally influenced me these last two days.  I had my hair cut … not that much … and colored yesterday.   Very much assured that Lauren … a new girl … would do what I needed … and she did!!!   I has Physical Therapy this morning … and followed that by my walking … 2000 feet today.   I had been doing my 1600 feet enough to increase my total walking steps by another 400 feet!!!  So I am at 2000 feet for a few days … until I get comfortable with that much walking!!!   And, in between writing on this essay, I went to our “happy hour.”   I had a lovely glass of wine. homemade pretzels, sausages … and an opportunity to talk to several other residents.   It was nice.   I am close to finishing this essay … and I might even fix me another glass of wine!!!

Want to mention just a couple things.   I have been avoiding any negative happenings because I do not want any audience I have to worry.   But a couple things have occured that I think I maybe should communicate to my readers.   On my right eye … the vision has decreased since the day after the cataract was removed.  We shall watch it.   On the tip of my nose… yes, the tip of my nose ..., there is a cm x 2 cm size growth — under the skin … from which we shall take a scraping this coming Friday.   We shall see … I will let you know.

It is a beautiful day in Denver.   My right knee is unhappy … maybe I have another item to worry about!!!  Everybody … take care of yourselves.

Love y’all.




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