My Life Is Not That Interesting!!!

I don’t know why I thought my life would continue to motivate  a BLOG.   I do want to keep sharing my life through this BLOG … it keeps me in touch with family and friends.  For example, I just this week received a note from a Southeastern student … who had become a dear friend in Hammond … but whom I lost with my moving.   She found my BLOG … we are back in touch.   We always did “Olive Gardens” when we were both in Hammond.  Shantae, “If you are reading this, I miss your company!!!.  I miss our conversations!!!”

Just fixed myself that wonderful cup of coffee … it really is !!!.

Our Beautiful Brenna … granddaughter … is coming to visit me/Craig/Denver … the beginning of November.   I am so thrilled.   She has a friend in Golden, Colorado, with whom she will stay.   Remember, Golden, Colorado, is probably my favorite city around here.   The town is a lovely older section of a city in the Hills/Mountains, that has been kept interesting for visitors … shops, restaurants … all really to my taste!!!   Also, home to Colorado School of Mines … and COORS BEER.   Golden is where the shop “The Blue Moose” is located.  I can usually count on their having sweatshirts, t-shirts … and socks … for family and friends … especially socks for our Beautiful Brenna!!!   We will have to plan a shopping trip in Golden when Brenna is here!!!

Next week, I will try to put myself back together.   I am doing the regular run of M.D. appointments … AND … getting my nails and hair done.   My nails will be the usual … I have a precious girl who always does my nails so well … since I basically do nothing, my nails stay looking nice for a good time.   My hair is going to get a little heavier blonde lighlights … and several inches cut off the back … I want to keep it in a knot on top of my head …. but it needs to have some cut off…about three years ago was the last time Noland cut it … in Hammond !

How about a paragragh on hair and nails to show you the highlights of my life!!!

Lori is finishing her walk in Northern France … the French part of the El Camino.   She has a marvelous BLOG relating this walk … she does indicate that her time in France … outside of Paris … has caused her to think more fondly of the French people.   Craig is five weeks into his teaching at Red Rocks Community College (Denver).   He should have a BLOG on coming from the Business World into Community College teaching.   He would not have the time to write it … he is certainly seeing how teaching can take over your whole life!!!   As I have indicated before, our discussions of teaching  mathematics have added an extra special element to my life … that I never would have thought I would have!!!

I played bridge this morning with the Independent Living (IL) people.   I really do enjoy them.   I even participated in an Assisted Living (AL) “Penny Auction” the other day.   Our Activity Leader pulled together several items that could be of interest to AL people.  Each AL person was given 10 pennies … to use to bid on the items.   One of my absolute favorite IL people, Ann, was the auctioneer … honestly, professionally trained in another life!!   She was great … and the whole activity was darling.   I have a set of lovely note cards … on the cards:  “Teach, love, inspire”,  and a couple fruit-shapped wooden “dust catchers.”    Precious!!!

No… it is not a mentally challenging life … but it is open to what you want it to be!!!  If you want mentally challenging, make it be  … thank goodness if you can.   If not, watch football … Saturday afternoon College Football!!!

Love y’all.






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