Between A Diary And a Letter Home???

Seriously … that is what I think this essay will read like.   I love the idea of writing an essay for my BLOG … I mentally edit my actions and thoughts throughout a day … and my conclusion is that they are not that thought-provoking!!!   Another conclusion … I do enjoy writing … so I will just keep writing without too much “censorship!”

I have been very fortunate with medical activities.   My hip is still wonderful … and it has provoked me to  begin a daily exercise routine … walking!   Remember, I have to get to a mile walking in this coming year.   I have worked myself up to (???) 1200 feet per day.   If we had a calculator, we could compute that I would need to do about 4.4 of my 1200 days to equal my mile walking!!!   Not bad.  At times, I think the “arithmetic” might have been almost as bad as the mile walk could be!!!

Next Thursday, the 19th, is my appointment with my eye doctor to make sure all is OK.  Exactly two weeks ago today, I had the cataract removed from my right eye.   I need my five pair of “Amazon” readers since we set the result of the cataract removal to be that I would see well at a distance!  I am still not use to not seeing “close-up.”

I do want to write more about life in an assisted-living complex … I see so many things in day-to-day activities that remind me that I am so pleased that I was able to be with Pete during his time here.   Of course, I do have my mental faculties — and, almost, all of my physical faculties … and would not be here except for taking advantage of their providing assistance as I recover from my surgeries.   But … others here surely notice the residents who are alone.   We usually have two staff members for a floor of 32 residents … and this is a top place.   There is also at least one staff member per floor who administers medicine.  Each floor has a nurse assigned to it.  There are also others providing various supports.  I could provide a quick glimpse of a day for many residents:  get up, get dressed, go to breakfast. back from breakfast, wait for lunch, go to lunch, back from lunch, nap, go to dinner, get ready for bed, go to bed, …  .   Many of the residents need help with activities such as getting dressed, going to meals, etc … that is why they are here!!!  Of course, there are activities throughout the day … card playing, exercises, walks, scenic drives, out to restaurants … but the resident has to come here with an appreciation of these activities in their background … or mentally alert enough to learn a new activity … which usually means that you are mentally competent.   Pete was not able to learn or understand any activity … but he and I could react to each other in our apartment.  I could understand if he needed or wanted something.  It is difficult to have needs and wants that you cannot express.

At this time, it appears to me that the fortunate older adults are the ones who can afford to be in an assisted-living complex such as this one.   Should each of us plan to be in an assisted-living complex???  As I write about what I see when residents are alone … I digress and immediately think of all the other older adults who may not have the support of such a community as this one … what do they do???   So many people would be thrilled with life in an assisted living complex.   Clean … three meals a day … plenty food.

I’ll let this essay rest for the evening and see if it makes any sense tomorrow.   Rockies … Colorado baseball … are leading 2 to 1 so I will go watch the end of the game.

Returning … 10:00 AM Thursday, August 12th … I have put my clean clothes in my drawers and closet.   Around here the staff … not the same ones who take care of residents … does laundry once a week for each resident … folded and returned next day … I have spent free time these last couple days just doing nothing … so clothes needed attention this morning.   The lady who does housekeeping was also here this morning … so nice.   She comes once a week … obviously Thursdays.

I have nothing planned for today.   It is strange not to have anything to do … it is OK … I just fixed myself another cup of coffee … really good.   K-cup with good cream.   Craig got us the Kuerig before Pete and I even moved in … and it has been just perfect.   Have to get dressed myself … during the time I was letting my hip heal, I had the staff shower and dress me.  So perfect …the ease of my getting the care I needed is why I have had these medical procedures now … I can come “home” and have the care I need.

Oh … the Rockies won … 2 to 1!!!   The Rockies are not good this season so 2 to 1 is a real victory!!  Our football Broncoes may not be any better … they lost one “real” game and have a second “real” game this Sunday.   You know … people ask you “What is your favorite place?”   For me it is Sunday afternoon watching football with Pete … and he fixes popcorn… at least I do have the football.   Don’t interpret that as a “whine” — I am OK.

Have to write notes to the grandchildren … have a little something to send each.   Lori is walking in northern France … Craig is getting ready to teach his two classes this afternoon!!!   Yes … I am OK!!! 

Love y’all

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