Do You Just Want Me To Write About Life Here???

I wrote this title at least a month ago … and I still do not really have a captivating topic.   I had my left-hip replacement surgery June 12th — a good 8 weeks ago.   Met with my hip-doctor yesterday for the 8th week check-up.   I am doing so well — absolutely no pain.   I am mainly walking with my walker … I am just not that well balanced … I did do my walk this afternoon with my cane … certainly not steady!!!   Both Lori and Craig are setting goals for me!!!   Craig’s are re-learning to climb at least one-two steps … and practicing walking every day.    He is an excellent motivator!!!

Lori’s goals came from a conversation we had yesterday …  she and Mike are doing the “Burning Man Festival” in Reno these next two weeks … she indicated she and a friend were then going to Paris to do a walk along  the El Camino … about two weeks ” walk” beginning on the French side.   So the conversation then humorously goes to my joining her on such next year!!!   Well then … to reduce the challenge … maybe I could set a goal of walking three to ten miles next year !!!   Well then … maybe one … one mile did not sound so bad to me … so maybe “ I can walk one mile next year.” … I hear myself saying that — and I set that as a goal!!! 

I love those … our … children!!!

You might remember that “Little Mary” is Pete’s great-niece.   She is the grand.daughter of Pete’s brother, Art.   -Maybe a generation younger than our children.   Mary and her family … husband, Bryan, and children, Gregory, Anna, and Catherine (Cat!!!)… have come to Colorado for a couple years now ,,, to enjoy Colorado … and to visit Pete and me …  and to visit just me now.    Talk about gifts … Mary and the family visiting me!!!    I am so pleased and so proud … that they would visit me … I am serious … we were tied together because of Pete … now it is friendship and love that holds us together… I am so blessed.  I know I could be sounding a little sloppy … but I had to indicate just how fortunate I feel.

Mary and the children keep me acclimated to current “trends” — children trends.   I found out that Anna loves her Colorado sweatshirt (Christmas???) … she wears it to bed, dress, everything she does!!!   So, obviously sweatshirts for each of the children.   Now … it also happens to be Anna’s birthday around the time here.   So … “Mary. what does she want?”  “Oh. of course, LOL Surprise gifts.!!! ”  As Mary explained, “These are little dolls that turn blue when they put them in cold water.!!!”   Of course..   Well, I have to say Craig and I hit a home run.   (Rockies” vocabulary.)   Anna loved the suitcase with many items for the dolls — and for Anna.    All three children played with the various items in that gift for most of the evening.

All of us … did dinner at one of our favorite Tex.Mex restaurants around here.   The next morning Mary and Bryan … and children … brought breakfast here to the apartment … breakfast from McDonalds … it has been at least 3 years since I had McDonalds!!!   Pete loved McDonalds’ breakfasts … and most always “snuck” out, wherever we were, to get McDonalds breakfasts before anyone else was up!!!   Good memories … good conversation with Bryan and Mary … and hugs from everyone as they headed back to Omaha.   What a lovely time.   (Anna wearing her sweatshirt.!!!)

My hip is great!!!   I have had the cataract removed from my left eye!   It has been a week today … I can see the television — and people — without glasses or contacts.   Yesterday I wrote the first part of this current essay … when the doctor told me my vision would go from about 3 feet to faraway — he was correct!!!   I cannot see close-up!!!   I knew that — but it did not register until I was on the computer!!!   So — I have just ordered several “readers” from Amazon … and several “chains” to keep the readers around my neck!!!   We could comment on how old I will be appearing!!!   Next week … Wednesday … my right eye gets the same treatment!!!   I have been so fortunate in choices of doctors.  My hip doctor also does knees … we shall see if I have my knees done.

Today is Craig’s first day as a post-secondary teacher — instructor at Red Rocks Community College.   He just wanted to see if he would like it.   He basically retired from Actuarial work this past January.   Obviously he knows the mathematics … algebra and statistics … but he has had to get acquainted with the Colorado community college support — technology — system.    I am really impressed with the system …  including practically everything online that you could think of that might possibly help a student  … homework and hw grading, video of almost every lesson,  oh … textbook,  all grades within 5 days of an exam,  duplicate problems … except for numbers … so students can practice, and , I am sure, more.  I am really impressed.   Those of you who know me, you have to realize how great it is just to talk with Craig about his mathematical experiences.  If I went back to teaching, I would have to teach graduate/abstract courses … that would not be on an online system!!!

This should be interesting.

Love y’all.












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