What do I do?

What do I do tonight???   The baseball Colorado Rockies’ game with/at Washington (DC) has been postponed because of weather … the Rockies’ games are my first choice for evening television.   So … I optioned to return to my BLOG to share this most uninteresting time of my day!!!  I can see on the patio below my window a beautiful friend … Katherine with a “K” — name spelled same as mine … sitting with her husband … second … just enjoying the evening.   “Katherine with a “K” is 99 years old.  She is just lovely … her husband is 70-something … I think.

What to I do these next few years?   My hip has healed so well … my eye surgery is this August.  I am staying in the apartment Pete and I shared until that is all over.   Am I going to do a left knee replacement?   I don’t know  as long as I might do some surgery, I will stay here … so I can have their staff help me.   But … what if I get in reasonably good shape?   I know I have been through this argument/discussion before … I am closer to it now.  Tomorrow afternoon Craig and I are going to a relatively new Assisted Living place ... just to see it.   The only other place I really know is the one Pete and I stayed in  before this one … and that is certainly not a good comparison.   Four of our bridge players from here have moved to the one we are going to see.

Do I want another assisted living???   I know Craig and I both realize the merits of being “home” if I need medical help!!!  But … I really feel now … right now … that I am morphing into someone who needs assisted living.   The population here is probably 90 % in need of help … right now that is bothering me.   I would love a good dinner conversation … There is sometimes a good conversation about the “food”  but I really do not remember any other topic that gave me a few comments that followed each other!!!  So … do I choose an independent living arrangement … basically a condo where some minimal services are included.   I think I could handle an independent living arrangement associated with this complex … because I already know people there.    I do not want to shop for my food … nor fix my food!!!   I like so much the idea of getting to know even better the people who live in the independent part of this complex.   But … no medical services are provided in the independent part of this complex.   What do I do? 

I am in the same apartment Pete and I were in … what was really his room is really not used.   I like the two bedrooms and my “huge” living room.  I do not want to move.  Would I take a two bedroom apartment somewhere else???   Would I take a one bedroom apartment?   With a big living room???   Craig and I will look at an Assisted Living / Independent complex tomorrow … it is good to get ideas!

Love y’all.

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