A Big Hug!!!

My last entry in this BLOG was over a month ago … I knew that without even checking the date!!!  I also knew I wanted  to write something in this BLOG … but nothing came to my mind … but maybe, everything came to my mind.  It has been quite a month!!!

We have just, two hours ago, brought Pete home from the hospital!!!  He was admitted last Tuesday evening about 5:00, March 12th.   He was running  fever, and his chest and nasal passages were gurgling.  It took five hours of heavy antibodies to bring his fever down … 48 hours later … after “culturing his blood ” (don’t quote me medically!!!) the decision was “MERS” — combined with an outbreak of flu-like and cold-like episodes in this facility — and Pete’s extremely weak condition.   We were quarantined in our room as soon as I showed any cold-like symptoms.   Every caution was carried out — here and at the hospital.  I meant to take a picture of me in my blue plastic gown and gloves and in my white hospital mask every time I visited Pete.   The fever and MERS are gone … but he is still gurgling!   But We Are Home!!!   

The Title, A BIG HUG!!! is extremely up-to date!!    I mean NOW!!!   I rode home in the ambulance with Pete … Craig followed in his car … I received several hugs from Craig as we just watched the ambulance people take Pete from the ambulance and put him in his bed here.   I have to mention that it was a very professional job!!!   I did need hugs from the staff here!!!   I needed a hug from Ann … from “little” Mary … from Jack … from Barb and Denny … people from my past who could pull things together now.  I need this past month to be a part of my past … not a break in pattern.

Visited my sister, Carol, over this past month.   She and her husband are geographically closer to me during this time period than over the summer, so I spent time with them.  My brother and his wife, and our cousin, visited my sister part of the same time.   It was lovely.   Good conversation … good hugs!!!  My sister arranged four “cultural stand-outs” for our evening meals.  To be specific … sushi, cajon, Italian, and “sharables” with Asian, Italian, and “foodie chic” entrees.   Each meal with excellent choices of wine.   She did breakfasts, lunches, brunches at home for us!!!  Fabulous … my sister could write a menu planner based on her food choices for us … fabulous!!!

We are home.

Well…I spoke too soon.  At 4:00 PM today … Pete was again running a temp over 101 degrees.  The medical staff here, together with our P.A., felt strongly that he should return to the hospital.  Of course, I said “No.”  Then I realized that I wanted him here for me … not that it was the better situation for him.   By 6:00 P.M. he was back at the hospital… in the emergency room.   Craig had a meeting until 9:30 P.M. — and then he picked me up, and we visited Pete in an emergency room.   They are doing various tests on Pete … he seems relatively passive to the whole situation  As soon as they can, Pete will be transferred to an  intensive care room.  I am going to spend some time visiting him tomorrow … and we will work each day to include visits to Pete.   I think we did this last week!!!

Love y’all … sending “BIG HUGS” …

And, postponing the ending of this essay…

It was Monday of this week that Pete returned to the hospital.   It is now Wednesday evening of the same week.   Pete has been in intensive care this week ,,, I just returned from the hospital where they moved him to the general population,   He looks good … well, better … I think he was a little confused by the room change … but he has no fever, and he has been holding his oxygen level.   Those were our top concerns.

Tomorrow afternoon, Craig and I get me … I hope … a Colorado driving license … not to drive … but to get a handicapped sticker in Colorado!!!!  Yes and if all goes right, we visit Pete again.  (I have finished 1 1/2 books sitting with Pete !!!)

I will end this essay.  All of you readers do know that this BLOG keeps me closer to all of you.  Received the most beautiful note today from one of our granddaughters …  including a BIG HUG.  

To all of you …sending more BIG HUGS

Love y’all …


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