Aging Gracefully (Peg, 2019)

I am starting “the next essay.”   I do not have a “topic” … I do not have a “title” for this essay.   I have a series of non connected events… most of which have just popped in my mind these last few days.   For several days I was in a very down mood … I kept thinking of the lake and of Louisiana … and I just wanted the “all is OK feelings” that both gave me … especially being at the lake.  Being at the lake was eating out, no papers, just enjoying the beautiful view of the lake and our yard.    Of course, this is an idolized idea of the lake … and also of Louisiana.   I wanted to go out for Pizza in the middle of the Super Bowl; I wanted Pete to fix popcorn …  and  NONE of that happened … NONE … NONE.  I did not expect it to but I wanted it!!!

As usual, I came out of my “downard.”   I talked myself out of it!   First,  they are taking very good care of Pete.   This is evident in every shower … in every change of bed linens … in every dressing him in the morning … in their favorite shirt!!!   Second … there is no place to go … “there is no place to go.”   Boy … that surely hits you!   Third … someone is preparing every meal and cleaning up afterwards … maybe “corn beef hash”  would not be on my menu for breakfast … but I can have eggs and bacon and a “chocolate croissant.”   Way to go!!!

I really enjoy the bridge people.  One of our members will be 100 years old this March 26th.  100 years old!!!   And he is one of our best bridge players.  He was a pilot in WWII.   I keep trying to remember to take pictures of the bridge group people.   You

bridge1 166

bridge1 167would enjoy them!!!    (I took some pictures today … Feb. 5th)  I will do my best to get them into this BLOG … sometime!!  I have managed to get two of the pictures of bridge players inserted into this essay.  The person on the left is Willis; George is on the right.  If I could begin to manage where exactly is the space the inserts are using, I think I could prevent these large “white” gaps!!!!

Craig is a delight.  As I noted, he did retire January 3rd.   He is currently applying for a faculty position at Red Rocks Community College.   Last Friday, a week … when my hair appointment was cancelled … he and I did coffee and discussed mathematics.   It was a good 2 hours … and was great.  We settled on series and sequences as a topic a CC might be interested in.  He will have to do some 10 minute lecture on a topic they assign.  It may be without any time to prepare … we do not know.

And, what is Pete doing during this time … sleeping, usually … he can stay awake through mornings, but he is now going down for a nap about noon and sleeping until 4 or 5.   It is all the meds he is being given.  And, I am thinking of putting the morning full antivan back.   I am so thrilled with his clear eyes without the full antivan … but he is really anxious in the mornings.  We are having trouble getting some consistent physical therapy for him.  The quarantine really took away four of his scheduled lessons … and he needs everyone!!!

See … I told you … the ramblings of an old woman!!!    Can I use that as a title???   Better still … Peg, one of our bridge players, when asked, “How are you?” ,  answers, “I am aging gracefully.”

Love y’all.

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