Day After Day!

BORING … And it really is.  I knew I wanted to write an essay for my BLOG … but I did not know what I wanted to write.   I was certainly not pleased with the essay right before this one.  I did not like  the writing around the Christmas presents being enhanced.  That is surely going to teach me to do a “temp publish” to see how things look … and then do the final publish.  I still have a lot to learn about inserting a photo into my essay … I know that was where I then messed up the print around the pictures!!!

We are quarantined!!!   Seriously, since last Monday … January 7th … we have not been out of this apartment … neither Pete nor me!!!   Beginning last Sunday … January, 6th … several residents were exhibiting some flu symptoms.   So an order came down that everyone stays in his or her room … including care givers and any residents with or  without flu symptoms.  Pete and I … of course … did stay in our apartment;   you don’t fool around with a nasty flu that could affect … mostly …  elderly residents who might have trouble handling such an illness.   You could write the rest of the story … not everyone with flu symptoms stayed in their room … and so the flu has spread further.  We are now under a strict order … what was the first … a joke??? … anyway, no one can leave his or her room.   It is now Sunday, January 13th… quarantine continuing !!!    Food for each of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is brought to all apartments in paper containers.   I do not like eating on paper so I set the table with glass plates, etc.   It is nice, and I really do not mind doing the dishes … I certainly do not have too much to do.  Of course, three meals a day, at least 72 people, at least six days … wait let me grab my calculator! … that’s  1,296 paper containers.   Certainly each of us used more than one paper container per meal … so 1,296 is on the lesser side … but who ‘s counting???   We could probably fill a section of Coors Field with our waste paper!!!

BORING … I am sure this continuation of my BLOG will be BORING!!!  It is Friday, January 18th … and it is our first day out!!!   Our quarantine was lifted for this morning’s breakfast and from then on !!!   Eleven days for the confinement … What did I miss?  Our Louisiana home … and the people here.  I will miss the Louisiana home for a long time.  But, it is interesting that my friends here popped up as what I missed most.  We played bridge this morning …  Very nice … These are the people I have gotten to know here.  And, I missed them.  It is clear to me that several of them are very nicely filling out my life here.  I have talked to other residents about that … i.e., the ability and/or desire to make friends in this assisted living situation .  I would consider the ability to make friends necessary for assisted living to be a comfortable situation.  I am surely willing and capable of carrying on a conversation even if I do not know the person.  That has happened so many times while we are eating.   The usual “first” conversation begins with names and where the person or persons have been before coming here … either their home or another assisted living situation.  If they still own their home, they do miss it!!!  If they were at another assisted living situation, they could have come here for medical reasons.  Most assisted living situations offer some medical services, but the complex here can administer … among other medicines … the medicine needed if a person has diabetes … a common illness in our age group!   If the new residents came from another assisted living complex … but not for medical reasons, usually one of their children investigated available assisted living complexes around here … and thought that ours here was the best of those available.

Anyway, a conversation is started.  It can be continued by just saying “hello” when the person is seen again.  Several of us initiate a conversation about playing bridge … and invite the person to play with us if they do play!!!   There are several other activities available … if a person wants.   My point being that they should actively  “want to”.

Remember … I said that this would probably be“BORING ” … I am sure it was … unless you are close to coming to a place like this!!!  Remember, you could be coming to a place like this soon … even if you are not planning to!!!

Thanks for being with me!!!

Love y’all.











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