What do you write in a BLOG the day after Christmas?

You write about Christmas Day … and several days following …

Today is the day after Christmas.  Let me try to describe these past 24 hours.  Christmas Day … and into today … have been good.  I felt very comfortable,

Christmas morning, we did breakfast as usual … I was so pleased by the number of people in the dining hall wishing us “Merry Christmas”  … and have a “Good Holiday.”  It was nice!   The time between breakfast and lunch went quite fast … Craig came over about 11:00.  It was so good to have him with us on Christmas!!! … It has been a long time.   There were three presents under our little tree … all from Craig!!!  I had the two presents … so I opened one first… a Degas Mug … I broke my first Degas Mug when I was

Degas Mug

getting use to wearing my leg brace!!!    I bought my first Degas Mug when Craig and I did the Degas Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  Craig and I then wanted Pete to open his present, but he was not interested.  I opened my second one … an unbelievably beautiful bracelet … blue leather with three beautiful stones and brass separating the stones.   I, of course, put it on … the rest of the story: ... as I am getting ready for bed, I try to take the bracelet off … and can’t … I cannot work the clasp … text Craig … he stopped in this morning and showed me how to undo the clasp.   I am still not sure I can work the clasp.

Back to Christmas noon … Pete reaches for his present and begins to open it … I grab the camera .   He opens a beautiful yellow shirt with a SAINTS  logo on the front.  (See pictures:  top left, clockwise:  Pete and Craig; Pete; Barb and Denny Burd, Pete and Katie; Pete with yellow SAINTS shirt; Barb and Denny Burd, Pete, and Craig; Pete and Denny Burd.  I will explain the pictures later. )

We … Pete, Craig, and I ,,, then go to Christmas Dinner … wondering what we would have.   We had very good prime rib with horseradish sauce and au jus; we had baked squash, baked cinnamon apples, and chocolate pie for dessert.   Again. it was really nice.   Several of the residents were with family … i.e., out of the complex … so we had a small dining group.   Christmas afternoon, Pete and I both napped … Lori and Brenna called … then, another meal … the evening dinner … and Christmas is over.   I have a very good feeling about the Christmas Day I had experienced.   I do know … next year … I will have a “subtle” Christmas Sweater.

The day after Christmas ... I finished getting my Christmas cards out … AND, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a past student … David Cavill.   David was in one of my Business Calculus classes at Southeastern … some 5-6 years ago.   David called to tell me that he had nominated me as a Professor who made a great difference in his life… I was so pleased!!!  I will be more certain of the exact words next year if all comes to pass!!!  It is an interesting life at this time.

We are now January 6th, 2019.  Today is Lori’s birthday.   She is the age I keep feeling that I am!!!

Barb and Denny Burd came in to visit us, December 31th,  on their way back to Carbondale from their Christmas in Breckenridge.  Their 8 grandchildren and 4 of the parents of the grandchildren spent the time at Breckenridge with them!!!  The pictures above were taken December 31st, 2018, in our apartment.  I managed to insert those pictures in this BLOG … and did not want to delete them .  We had a very fine New Year’s Eve with Barb and Denny.   Good wine for me and good Scotch for Denny.    We all managed to stay up until midnight New York Time!!!

I will close this essay.  It has been a good holiday… Christmas and New Year’s.  It seems that several things have happened in a disconnected way.  I will know what to expect next year … maybe not Barb and Denny visiting twice.  Having them come has been so wonderful.  They do remind me of what might have been with Pete and me … but they also remind me of the many good times we have had.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Love y’all.



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