What do you write in a BLOG the day before Christmas?

The day before Christmas in a totally new environment!!!   I am here with Pete in an Assisted Living Complex.  I am in a two-bedroom apartment with two poinsettias and some pretty Christmas balls placed around the apartment … and I cannot forget Pete’s Disney Tree!!!   He bought it the last Christmas before he fell … I told Craig about it … and when it showed up at the Louisiana house, Craig brought it to Denver.   I do think Pete might remember it … he will stop in his wheelchair and look at it for a longer time than “just passing.”

So far, there has been a very generous giving of cards by several of the residents.  It has been so lovely.  These cards are being given to us with lovely good wishes and smiles …    The complex here has had several Holiday/Christmas/Hanukkah related programs.  Beautiful professionals singing Christmas Carols after dinner the other night.   An “ugly Christmas sweater” contest … I don’t think I ever had an “Ugly Christmas sweater!!!” …  much less bringing it to Denver with me...

There is a Bronco football game on television tonight … Monday night football … Broncos and the Raiders.  I really find tomorrow a blank.  Craig has brought a couple presents and placed them under a small Christmas tree Stephanie gave us last Christmas.   I think, if the weather is nice, Craig will join us for Christmas dinner here.

Last year, I know we were in the Brookdale Assisted Living Complex already planning to move, on December 30 and 31st, to the complex we are in now.  The Christmas before that, I know we were in the Louisiana home … just the two of us … remembering the Christmases we spent at Lori and Tom’s and in our Wisconsin home.  Talked to Barb and Denny soon after that Christmas and began to make plans to spend the next Christmases in “neat” places … together.  We all agreed that Christmas alone was totally horrible!!!  We even began to think of Key West as a good destination over Christmas!!!

My thoughts have immediately gone to the Christmases when the grands were small.  Don’t know if that is really good … but it does illustrate that all we have are our memories!!!  As I am sitting here, my mind even went back to when our children were young.  I can remember some dinners out Christmas Eve … and I do remember going to the Children’s mass Christmas Eve so we did not have to get up for Mass Christmas morning!!!  Pete would always do the cooking for Christmas Day … turkey and everything!!!  How I wish!!!   

So this is what I write about on Christmas Eve.

Love y’all … and “Happy Holidays” … or “Merry Christmas.”




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