Our Holiday Letter.

IMG_0904This year I want to send a “Christmas” or “Holiday”  letter to friends.   Last year …  around this time … Pete and I were changing Assisted Living Communities.     And, I did not have the heart … nor enthusiasm … to write an “oh, it’s the holidays … and we are doing well”  letter!

Let’s see how this letter goes.

First comment: … why do I want to  write this letter?   There are many people on my Christmas card list who mean so much to us … to me.   I just do not want to lose them!!!  Students … and faculty … from at least three universities … colleagues and friends who have kept me going through this past year.  Friends who may not have our address here … or know of Pete’s stroke/fall.   So … let’s get back in touch with this “Holiday Letter.”IMG_0899

Second comment: … what format do I use???   My first thought for this year’s letter was the same as years in the past … write a letter and send it to everyone on our list.   Then … I thought of my BLOG … maybe it is not the tone of a holiday letter … but certainly it is a method to inform people of our lives this past year!!!  I thought of putting a note on facebook referring anyone who wanted to my BLOG.   I did not like that  way … too “BLOG – ISH!”   But, I could use my BLOG to update friends on whatever … and to personalize my “Holiday Letter.”  So, I found a lovely Poinsettia card that I can send to people  … and refer them to my BLOG and this essay/letter. …  I can handle that!!!

So — the Holiday Letter:  We are settled.  Pete is about the same … both physically and mentally handicapped.   We have great help here.   He is getting physical therapy twice a week.   I am OK.   I do have this “dumb” brace on for a few more weeks.  I have lovely bridge-playing friends here  … and lovely friends in general here.   I have realized this is my “neighborhood”  for several years.  Once I accepted that, things became easier IMG_0902mentally.   I have a 5th-grade pen pal … and I hope to do one-day-a-week volunteer work at a local school  — probably teaching “how to add fractions”!!   That’s OK … I certainly have the time.

Lori is in Northern California … teaching for the Hoffman Institute ,,, and doing quite a bit of traveling.  Craig is … of course …here in Denver.  He is retiring January 2, 2019 …  at age 52.   He will just take a few months to look at other positions … and volunteer work.  The grands are so loved.   Erin … as you have read … graduates Boise State this December 15.   Brenna is two years out of graduation … and has found that she loves teaching.  She did a year in Thailand teaching elementary students … and is now teaching music and dance to 1st and 2nd graders.  Mark transferred to St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota, … and is majoring in computer science in some form.

Friends have kept us going.  Ann Kirkpatrick kept me going all those first months.  Barb and Denny Burd visited and will return both going to and coming from Breckenridge.     Lori is easily in touch … both text and plane.   My brother, Ben, and wife, Jude, visited and “enjoyed” our community food!   My cousin, Charlotte did a wonderful visit that took us wandering around Frisco, Colorado!   Loved it.   See Craig and Stephanie nicely often –IMG_0900— did Brunch and Christmas “looking” with them just last Sunday.  Again, I loved it.  Loved “little” Mary and her family ‘s visit … Pete’s brother’s great grandchildren.   Colorado sweatshirts for everyone for Christmas!!!!

I certainly hope and pray for a nicer New Year … for Pete and me  … and for all of you reading this BLOG.   Our postal address is … 7825 Alameda Avenue, Apt 223; Lakewood, Colorado, 80226.   My e-mail is the same … kpedersen@selu.edu.  Let’s keep in touch.

Our sincere good wishes and good thoughts,

Pete and Katie

Love y’all

P.S.  Will try to share some Christmas decorations.   Charlotte, (our cousin), sent me some of those lovely “things” that I did not even think of bringing to Denver.   Craig brought me two lovely poinsettias.  So beautiful, I had to have some friends in to celebrate the holidays.   I wanted a Bloody Mary, and I certainly did not want to drink alone!!!










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