Just Life: Part Two

Never would I have believed what happened to me!!!  But, it is “JUST LIFE.”  It is Thursday, November 1st.  I came back to the Villages Friday October 26th from the rehab institution, POWER BACK.  Friday to Thursday passes … my doing whatever.   Thursday, November 1st, the PA (Physician Assistant), Charlotte,  visits Pete and me.  Pete is doing well.  My blood pressure comes in at 100 … usually 130 – 140.   My pulse is running 70 and up … and the pacemaker is set for 62.  I am just sitting at the table … maybe just a little heavier breathing.   Charlotte looks up and says, “I want you to go to the hospital right now.”   When I realized she was talking to me … seriously, I suggested the next Tuesday … I thought I would be organized by then … after all, I had just been at the hospital and there were loads of clothes to put away.   By then, several aids and nurses had entered our room.  Charlotte explained that there might be blood clots somewhere in me … and I should go to the hospital immediately to check things out.   A couple more minutes of thought, and I realized Charlotte made sense.   I texted Craig on the change of plans … i.e., going to the hospital instead of staying in our room!!!

The ambulance came.   I was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital — again!!!   They began taking samples, measurements — and more blood samples.   They found blood clots in both lungs.   Don”t want to exaggerate … but I was told that it was serious , and it was obviously good that I was in a hospital.  After various tests, they found that I could go on a relatively new medicine to dissolve the clots.  I stayed the next day,  Friday, November 2nd, at the hospital ,,, to make sure the medicine did really begin to dissolve the blood clots.   It did … and I went back to the Village late Friday.

A couple days of rest, and, of course, I am wondering what caused the blood clots.  A general supposition … supposed but no verification  … was that my four days of relative inactivity at the rehab institution might have been involved in causing the blood clots!!!  I hesitate to say even that much since we are dealing with a well-known … in Denver … rehab institution.

I am home … in our apartment.   I still have clothes to put away!!!  I saw Charlotte this past Tuesday… it was the first time I had seen her since she sent me to the hospital.  I could not hug her enough … or thank her enough.  The general consensus is that she saved my life!!!   I will go along with that.

JUST LIFE!!!   Thank goodness for competent professionals and “huggable” friends.

Love y’all.

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