Sunday, October 14, 2018, Was My 81st Birthday!

I still cannot believe it … 81 … me!!!   This last year has  certainly done its best to make me more aware of my age.   I am in an assisted living complex;  I have a brace on my leg with the broken kneecap;  I am walking with a walker;  everyone around me has white hair … or maybe it’s gray.  Of course, my birthday happened before the “broken kneecap” episode … so a walker had yet to be part of my life!!!  How did this year’s birthday compare with last year’s …  let me think!!!

Last year, I was … on my birthday … in our Louisiana home … Pete was at Belle Maison … a nursing home facility in Hammond.  I had been so happy there was room for him in Belle Maison … only, after a bit, I was not happy he was in Belle Maison.  By my birthday, last year, we had decided to move Pete and me to Denver.   I am sure we had tickets for November 9th, last year.   I know I spent my birthday afternoon with Pete at Belle Maison.  Not sure what I did that evening!   Knowing me, it could have been “with a Bloody-Mary .”

Now, this year.  First, Craig and Stephie took me out for brunch.  We have this very nice place in the Belmar Shopping Area … named “T-Street.”  It does have a very good menu with mostly mexican-influenced food — and it is really good food.  But, even more notable than that, you can buy  “Bloody Marys” and/or “Mimosas” with “infinite” refills … well, not really …  but I certainly have not reached the max  allowed!!!  And,  Craig, Stephie, and I just ate and drank and talked.   It was so nice.   And, we were in an outside patio!!!  I could not have asked for a better Birthday present!!!

Still this year!  Ben and Carol, my brother and sister, both sent beautiful flowers.  I asked them to this year.  Flowers add a beautiful touch to a room … and, I wanted real large, beautiful bouquets … these were.   Of course, the last days of the flowers saw me in the hospital for my broken kneecap!!!  (Just thinking … Ben must have sent flowers last year, too.)  For this birthday, I had asked my cousin, Charlotte, to send artificial plants … and she found the perfect plants … in perfect pots.   One is among my buffaloes, one is on a high set of shelves as you enter our apartment, and one is on the desk with the South African rug.

And, I received many “Happy Birthdays” from fellow residents.  That was so nice.   No matter what, this year, I was sitting in our lovely apartment knowing that I could put together a foursome for bridge if I wanted!!!  Birthdays are good … even if I am 81!!!

Of course, the next Friday. after my birthday, I break my kneecap … and Saturday morning, I am off to the hospital!!!  I have a little while longer with this brace.  I think all is OK.   I once wrote in this BLOG that when I am hurt … I think of myself first … instead of Pete.  And I do.   The staff is practically taking full care of Pete.  And, I find myself, now, in an assisted living complex with the staff helping ME dress and shower!!!

This surely brings about a lot of reflection.

Love y’all.

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