Just Life: “I Fell And Broke My Kneecap.”

Seriously… I did just that.   Last Friday evening… October 19 ,,, the girls had just put Pete to bed … so I went into his room to check things and to give and get that “goodnight kiss.”  I am leaving his room.  He has carpet … the living room is wood flooring.  I remember my left foot … as I leave Pete’s room …hitting the wood floor and stopping.  The shoes are rubber based and my left foot hit the wood floor … and did not move.  So, my body still goes forward and my right knee hits the floor … bearing all of my weight!!!   I obviously get up … go to my chair … and fall to sleep for the night.

Comes morning, and I need to get up.  I get out of my chair and head for the bathroom … and scream.   I cannot put weight on my right leg — and the knee is swollen quite a bit!!!   I said a quick “Yes.” to the suggestion that I go to the hospital.  St. Anthony’s is the hospital of choice for the Assisted Living Complex.   Early Saturday morning, the hospital is moving quickly.  I ask for a warm blanket and get exactly such.   X-rays are taken … and the crack in the kneecap is there.  The only question is whether surgery will  be needed.  By mid-day, the decision of “no surgery” is made.   Saturday at St. Anthony’s and Sunday at. St. Anthony’s, too.   Saturday is collegiate football,  and Sunday is professional football.  Monday, I will be moved to a rehab institution.

Now … how is Pete???   When I left for the hospital Saturday morning, he was still in bed.  Craig stopped in to see Pete before he came to the hospital … and Pete was dressed and eating his breakfast!!  Craig said Pete had a quizzical expression on his face, but that was all.  By Saturday night both Craig and Stephanie have visited Pete, and the reaction is that Pete is getting great care and is content.   By Monday, Pete asks,Where’s Katie?”   The girls, Craig, and Stephanie explain several times that I broke my knee and am in the hospital.  No questions.  That seems to be all he needed.   I am away from our apartment until the next Friday morning … and Pete is good for all of my time away.  Seriously, we are in the best of situations.

I missed our older granddaughter’s, Brenna’s ,  university graduation :  Louisiana to L,A, was too far to travel,   The next granddaughter, Erin,  graduates from Boise State University, Dec. 15, 2018 … Denver to Boise is obviously just one Bloody Mary …   and I have made plans to go!!!  (Of course, that was before I broke this kneecap.)   At the time of making the arrangements to go to Erin’s graduation, my only concern was how Pete would do without me.  I had never been away from him in this  place.  I kidded that I should have done a “test case” to see what would happen without my being here!  Well, test case concluded, and the results are great!!!   I returned to our apartment Friday morning about 10:00 … Pete was wonderful..I think there was some recognition.  He was dressed, clean, and in his wheelchair.   We do lunch in the room, but we do dinner in the dining hall.  The girls push his wheelchair , and I am using a walker!!!

Rewind a bit:  Monday about 1:00 P.M., I am transported  from the Hospital to “Power Back, a rehab institution”.   Before I left the hospital, a therapist showed me how to use a walker:  walker, bad leg/foot, good leg.  Monday at Power Back must have been paper work.  Every single motion from Hospital, to Power Back, to the Villages is governed by the insurance companies.   Tuesday, the occupational therapist introduced herself, and  taught me how to dress myself … certainly needed with a brace on my leg.   I do explain to the therapist that I will be returning to an Assisted Living Complex where there will be a person to dress me.  I think the therapist and I did a practice run on my using the walker:  walker, bad leg/foot, good leg.   I walked from my room to the dining hall, and then about that much further.  I then walked back to my room.  Wednesday, I was taught, again,  how to put clothes on with my bad leg; Wednesday, also, I walked from my room to the dining area:  walker, bad leg/foot, good leg.    Wednesday, Craig began to put together the people and paper we would need to get sign-offs from to leave Power Back, Thursday or Friday.   I think our insurance company would have allowed me to stay over the weekend … but I had really watched all the television I could.  Thursday I was helped to dress, and we walked, again, from my room to the dining area.   About 8:45 AM  Friday, Craig showed up  to take me to the Villages.  I was not quite dressed nor bags packed.   I was maneuvering in a wheelchair.   He brought our walker so I switched to the walker.  My 9:30, we were in the dining hall … I could walk there (!) … signing the last of the insurance papers.   I walked to the car, and Craig helped me in.   We drove to the Villages, and I was never so pleased to see such a building and people.

Pete does just sort of looked at me.  He was doing breakfast when I arrived at our room.  He and I skipped lunch and did dinner in the dining room.   Within about a hour and so after I arrived, I was greeted with so many marvelous hugs.  I had been right when I told Power Back I was going home!  Greg, Rose, Christina, Cat, and several others … each with a hug.   My friends and students before this complex know how I love hugs.

It is Saturday … October 27 ,,, , I am writing this essay.  My kneecap is broken, therefore I have a brace on my leg.   Pete is OK.  I had my first real shower this morning for a week.  The hospital said 2 to 8 weeks on wearing this brace.  I am OK.   If I have to break a kneecap, I am so glad I am here!!!   And … I am so glad I am here for many more reasons.

Love y’all. 



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