I forgot the ice cubes!

We have been in this assisted living community 6 months.  My mind goes between what we might have been doing in our past lives…and what I am doing now.   I don’t compare…I just think about the difference.

I have a pot with a few succulents in it.  A small pot, and it sits on the windowsill in my “bedroom” here in our assisted living community apartment.  I really like the pot and the arrangement of the plants.  The pot was a gift from my cousin which was sent after we arrived in Denver.   I had a beautiful arrangement of cacti back in Louisiana..on a deck.  Ruby, who helped me with so many things in Louisiana… always reminded me that I needed to be careful and not water the cacti too much.   She told me a trick she used.  Regularly water your succulents with “just so many” ice cubes.  I put two ice cubes in my pot here every Tuesday morning.   And — every Tuesday morning watering my pot is close to my first thought as I walk into my “bedroom.”   “Ruby, the succulents, and two ice cubes.”   But, this past Tuesday, I went the entire day in the moment…in the assisted living community.  I played cards with friends here; I napped; I did lunch and dinner with my husband; I watched the Rockies lose a baseball game.   And I did not think of my plants.

Wednesday morning…first thing when I walked into my bedroom:  “I forgot the ice cubes.”  I put two ice cubes in the pot and wondered how I could have ever forgotten to water my beautiful pot!!  It is the one thing that takes me back to Louisiana and our home there.

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