Let me explain the title!

Old Fashion”   I have always considered myself more forward thinking than most people my age…at whatever age.   But as I look back, I really think I set my life to follow common norms.   My values, my actions would probably be considered “Old Fashion” by most…certainly these days!

 “With a Twist”   I was never going to retire.   I retired.  My husband and I are in an Assisted Living Community…he, because of something similar to a stroke; me, because I could not let him be alone through this time.   Our Lake Home in Wisconsin …where we spent so many summers…and where I thought we would continue to spend time…has been sold.   Our home in Louisiana is on the market.  We have a two-bedroom apartment in Lakewood, Colorado, in an assisted living community.   Even the words “with a twist” do not seem strong enough to describe this change in life style for either my husband or me!

Audience:   Mary has been here just over a week.  Her family thought she would be better in Denver than in Houston.  At the dinner table, I heard her saying that she just could not explain to  her son what she was experiencing in this Assisted Living Community.

And, there is Jim.  His wife passed away about a month ago.  He moved into this Assisted Living Community, and he is very lonely.   He just had not expected to be here.

Probably the one commonality all of us in this Assisted Living Community share is that “we did not expect to be here !!”    To a great extent, I am writing this BLOG to put some words with my thoughts about being here.   I am also hoping that others in Assisted Living communities…or similar communities…will share thoughts and questions.   I would be so pleased if my words provided the start of conversations with others … others with whom life has provided “a twist.” 

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