Let’s Take a Look.

When I wrote the essay, “What is Assisted Living?”, describing our current living arrangement, I did not include any pictures.  Thanks to our grandson, Mark, I was able to include a picture of Ida in a past essay … and am able to add some pictures to this present essay.   It is a pleasure to share our apartment with all of you.

The apartment consists of a nice, wide entrance hallway, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a relatively large living room with high ceilings.






This is my bedroom/my office .






We have a wide hall as you enter the apartment.  This table is in the hallway.





Looking at the hallway from the living room.  You see the kitchen sink to the right in the picture.







Looking from the living room, Pete’s bedroom on the right  and my office on the left.






In the living room, looking into my office.  Bathroom to the right.






Looking into the living room from the hallway.





Looking into the other side of the living room from inside the living room.  The refrigerator is to the left of the picture.



I am really enjoying writing this BLOG.  And, I am learning so much about this piece of software.  As I commented to Craig, our son, the other day, “This is a good learning experience for an old woman!”

Love y’all.

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